• Once there was a girl named Tara. She was a pretty girl with wavy blonde hair and small purple eyes. Everyone in school had a crush on her, and she went to a girl's school! One day she went for a walk in the woods. There she met a smallish biggish demon. She was frightened.
    "If I do not eat you, will you give me your child?" it rasped.
    "But I have no child or any other valuable belongings!" she wimpered. It look at her fondly.
    "It appears you do..." it told her. When she asked what she had, it tore her face off. It laughed and ran away. She tried crying, but she had no eyes. She tried screaming, but she had no mouth. Tara ran deeper into the woods, not knowing where she was going. She rested after an hour and fell asleep. A horse with a white body, tail and mane pranced up to her and woke her up. He signaled her to get on. She jumped up, and white wings sprouted where she was sitting! It carried Tara to heaven to speak to the OGod. He killed the demon, who was actually a greedy angel in disguise, and kept her face. He gave her his daughter's face, which had white, silvery hair and eyes with every color of the rainbow. His daughter was nearly dead anyway, so she had no need for it. She went back to the horse and flew back down to Earth. She thanked the horse, and could tell there was something familliar about it. It nodded to Tara and dissapeared. She rushed back to the village. Tara passed the Town Square, and right in the center was a stone horse with wings. The end.User Image]