• I walked down that solemn road not knowing where to go. I walked for blocks, crying, weeping, and not knowing where I was going other than away. The only people I knew and loved were gone. Those men killed them, and tried to take me as captive. I wouldn’t let them, I screamed and kicked and dug my nails into their tender flesh. I killed two of those evil little punks with my bare hands, the others got away. They won’t get away for long, I guarantee you that.
    I am alone now. I can’t even bare to stay in my home with those bodies and blood staining my memories and heart. I wandered the streets in the darkness of the night. The only thing lighting the way were dim streetlights about to go out. I coughed continuously almost choking, not so much from the scars around my neck, nor the disgusting white cream they secreted to make me drink, but more so because of the loneliness. How can one expect me to live alone, and just breathe?
    I found a public trashcan and puked whatever I had recently swallowed. When I looked up, I noticed a surprisingly bright light. The street lights had all went out. It seemed like everywhere there was darkness except for that heavenly light that showed through that apartment window. I stared in wonderment at this phenomenon. The light looked so comforting, promising, and beautiful but wait! What is that coming from the light? It fell to the ground so slowly, so peacefully. What was that magnificent thing?
    Under this wonderment spell, I walked up to it with no thought. Why, it was a rose. A lovely red rose. It was so beautiful, so delicate. I picked it up and sniffed it. Oh, what a smell. It was mesmerizing. I began to laugh with joy at this wonderful happening. I heard a soft tap and looked down again. It was a note folded oh so neatly. I opened and saw the sweetest thing ever.

    You look so beautiful
    Your beautiful eyes so cool
    And I just want to know
    If you will be
    My lovely rose

    Shocked by this random caring sweetness, I stood there for minutes thinking, is this real. Was this really happening? Is there really someone else that cared about……………me? I looked around still only seeing darkness. Consumed by the thought of there still being someone else I walked into the building.
    The light still showed brightly from the top floor. I followed it up the stairs and around corners not paying attention to my surroundings. I came to the door from which the light was coming from. I took a big breath and opened the door. Inside was the whitest room I had ever seen. White bookshelves laid against white walls filled with white books. The white desk had a white laptop on it with a white calculator next to it. A white rug lay on a clean white floor. A bed with a white bedspread had its corners tucked in.
    Then I noticed something black. It was a man, wearing all black. His skin was unmarked from pimples and blemishes. When he smiled, his white teeth shined proudly. His dreads hung down his back. He was a little taller than me but was not intimidating. He was gorgeous.
    “Hello my little rose. My name is Damon Keno Lorenz,” he said with his sweet voice. He spoke so fluently and had just the right amount of bass in his voice. It was masculine, yet peaceful to hear him talk. “My name is Danielle Janae Lockett,” I said so shyly. Though he didn’t look intimidating, I was shaking in my shoes with nervousness.
    “I know. You are seventeen and go to Oscoda High School. You love to draw and read. You especially like mystery/horror. Your favorite color is royal purple and your favorite food is bread. You love everything from pies to rolls to cornbread. I know everything about you Danielle Janae Lockett or as others call you, Boogie.”
    For the first time in fifteen minutes, I had a straight thought. “ARE YOU A STALKER?!” I blurted. Damon laughed. “I guess in a way. You see, it’s my job. I’m not allowed to explain anything to you, but you’re a smart girl, you’ll figure it out soon enough.”
    “I don’t know what kind of crap you pulling but I’ll have you know…..” “That you just got through killing two men with you bare hands that tried to get away with you? I know.” He cut me off. How did he know about all that? What the ******** was going on? I turned around and headed for the door only to find, it had disappeared. I looked back at him, he was obviously amused.
    “What is going on? Let me out of this room!” I panicked. “Oh where are you going to go?” he started towards me. I ran to a corner and prepared myself for whatever was to come. “You have no one out there. Everyone you ever cared for has gone. You can’t even bare to stay in your house. Where are you going to go? Where can you go? Trust me, I am the only one you can, or should, trust. I am the last person to care for you now.”
    By now he was standing in front of me. I felt his breath against my face. I started to raise my fist but instantly, he had my hands locked behind me. His muscles showed. It wasn’t till then I really realized how buff he was. He gently laid his head on my shoulder. “Trust me,” he said.
    His voice was so smooth. It made everything seem so peaceful. I forgot my anger and enjoyed his warmth. “Hold me tight,” I said in a low whisper. He hugged me tighter as I began to cry. I felt so good in his arms. I had only felt this way once before. My first kiss, with my first love.
    “C’mon!” I said. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” said Kenneth. He has been my best friend since the first grade. I was always taller than him till the sixth grade, and that’s when emotions started to change. He had become my first crush, and I became his. We were watching the sunset under the big fig tree on the hill in the park.
    I was watching the sun go down, and he was watching me. He wrapped his arms around me and looked in my eyes. “I love you,” he said. He gently pressed his lips against mine. I felt like nothing could hurt me. That’s how I felt now, in Damon’s arms.
    “You miss him don’t you,” he whispered in my ear. I looked Damon in his eyes. “Who or what are you?” “He misses you too, trust me,” he continued. I stared at him in awe. “He’s dead. He died saving me.” “And he doesn’t regret it one bit.” “How do you know?” I said raising my voice. “How do you know anything? You think you know but you don’t know anything!” I said nearly in tears again.
    I started to storm toward the door. He grabbed my arm. “I know you don’t want to go. Don’t leave. You and I both know you have nowhere to go. Right about now, I’m the only person you got.” I snatched my arm away. “You shouldn’t sound so arrogant.” I said and walked out the door.
    I stormed down the stairs and into the dark night. I looked up at the window. The light was still on. ‘I should go back. There is really no where to go’ I thought to myself. My brain was saying walk on, my conscious saying go back. Lost in myself, I stalked away to Lipoma Park. There in the middle of the park, was a big hill surrounded by a beautiful garden of white roses. I climbed up the hill and sat under the tree. I cried myself to sleep waiting to die while waiting to be saved.