• Chapter 1:Living Alone / The Friends Trip

    'Mommy look at the pretty flowers!' said a very little kagome. 'Oh and the waterfall.'

    'I see them sweetie arn't they beautifull.'

    Kagome nodded and smiled the smile that nobody would even think to resist.

    Little kagome and her mother just walked along the river and smelled all the beautifull flowers the rest of the time it would have to be the most perfect moment ever.

    That was kagomes most favorite dream.Every time she had it she would wake up relaxed and ready to face everything and anything the day could hold.After kagome was done reminising on her dream she decided it was time to get ready for her last day of the school year for she would be graduating in a week.

    She went to get the phone to call and make sure her aunt got her little brother souta up and ready.Kagome and Souta's father died when souta was nearly 3 months old.Kagome was only 4.Their mother died almost a year ago from an uncurable illness.After that kagome stayed and lived in the house so they wouldn't have to sell it while her little brother went to live with their aunt.

    Kagome dialed her aunts number and waited for somebody to pick up the phone.After about the millionth ring which was only about 10 her sleepy voiced aunt answered.

    "Helloowww"Her aunt said through a yawn.(From now on i'm going to call her aunt missy becuase its shorter and easier.)

    "Hi aunt missy i just wanted to make sure that you remembered to get souta up and ready for school."

    "Kagome sweetie you have called every morning for the past year i think i can handle it now."

    "I know.I know.I just wanted to here your voice."

    "I know sweetie.So hows your last day of freedom going so for?"

    "Perfect i can't wait to talk to sango and to get home to pack for the road trip."

    "What road trip?"

    "Oh i forgot Sango,Ayame,Kikyo,Inuyasha,Sesshomaru,Miroku,Kouga and I are going on a road trip to celebrate our graduation."

    "oh well i hope yall have a wonderfull time."

    "We will and i have to go so i'll talk to you when we get back bye!"

    "bye."missy said a little to late for kagome to hear.


    Kagome went and took a quick shower then threw on a robe and skipped to the kitchen to get some breakfast.She made some eggs and toast then got some orange juice.She finished eating and went to get dressed.She decided on a black skirt and a black shirt that had her favorite band 'Wonder' on it.The she put on some black pumps and went to find a way to fix her hair.She decided to just put it into a high ponytail on the top of her head and since her hair was extreamly long it looked perfect.She didn't put on much makeup just the ussual mascara and lip gloss.

    She grabbed her keys of the side table of her bed and got her purse out of the closet then was out of the door.She unlocked the door to her 07' black corvette and raced down the street to pick up sango and ayame.Sango lives only 5 blocks from kagome and ayame lives only 3 blocks from her.

    Kagome stoped outside of a dark brown and tan house and honked then a girl medium hieght with short black straight hair in a red skirt and black shirt exactly like kagome's with some red pumps and came running out and practicly jumped in the car.

    At the next stop the pulled in front of a plain offwhite house and honked.Ayame is short but very skinny she was wearing a white skirt with the same shirt the others were wearing with white pumps and her hair is not as long as kagomes but not as short as sango's it was in the middle.

    Sango got out and let Ayame into the backseat then they were on their way to the school......

    @@@Arriving At School@@@

    The girls got out of the car and began walking to the spot all of the group met befor the bell.When they got to the side of the building they looked to make shure nobody saw them then they went to the secret meeting place.To get there you have to go behind the second bush through the door down the narrow walkway then turn left and go through that door and your there.(I know its a lot but i like to be spacific)

    The three women sat and waited for the rest.Kagome was friends with everybody in the group except for one,Kikyo.Kagome hated kikyo she was so rude and annoying to everyone except to her beloved inuyasha 'eewww' . Kikyo looked a lot like kagome except kagome was older and fuller and had a blue streak in her hair as did sango and ayame.

    When the rest finally came they talked a little until the bell rang.Then said their goodbyes until the end of the day.


    @@@@After School@@@@

    Kagome and sango had their last class together so they both walked to the car to wait on ayame and kouga.They had to take kouga home today sesshomaru and inuyasha left early while miroku had after school detention. Kouga lives on the whole other side of town than the girls.So it took a while to get home.

    After a while they finally made it to kagomes.Then ayame and sango helpd kagome pack.they mostly packed Shorts and tank tops but a couple pairs of pants and a hoodie if it gets cold.After they were done at kagomes they went to sangos to help her.They packed most of the same things except the different bathroom essentials for each of the girls.Then they left to help Ayame.All of the girls had all of there things packed so they decided to go see if te the guys had all of theirs.Since all the guys except kouga shared a house it wasn't a long trip to see each one.

    Inuyasha and miroku were almost finished so sango and ayame stayed and helped them whil kagome went to see if sesshomaru was.

    Sesshomaru hadn't even started yet.

    "Sesshy why havn't you started packing yet?"

    "Because i'm not going."

    "What?!?! Come on you have to go!"

    "No nobody wants me there and inuyasha is getting on my nerves i cant even think to ride in the same car as him."

    "Well you can ride with me in my car."

    "I thought sango and ayame are riding with you."

    "Well ayame wants to ride with Kouga so they are going in his car and Sango wont mind riding with inuyasha,kikyo and miroku.It gives her a reason to yell."

    "Well ok then."


    Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at the joy screaming miko that was jumping up and down all over the room while he packed........

    @@@@Loading Cars@@@@

    "Kagome you better hurry up or we're leaving you here!!"

    "Sango if you don't shut up i'm staying and you can go alone with all of them!"

    "No!!Ok take your time."

    "Thats what i thought."

    Kagome grabbed her things and locked the door on her way out.

    "Ok so lets get this show on the road."

    Kagome got in the drivers seat and waited for sesshomaru to get in the car.After 2 minets she yelled through the window "Hurry up slowpoke'.

    "I'm coming be patient."

    She rolled up the window and he finally made it to the car then they were off.They decided they would go to america first and go to a couple places that were said to be awesome.(They are in Japan)

    The cars were in order from Inuyaha's to Kouga's then Kagome and sesshomaru.And in Between the traffic of the freeway kagome and sesshomaru take a wrong turn.So they stopped at a small rest stop.Kagome thought that since sesshomaru is a full blooded taiyoukai that he would be able to point them in the right direction but all the other cars made it impossible and both their cell phones were dead and you'll never guess they forgot the chargers.They were stranded.It was begining to get dark so kagome didn't know what to do.Her and sesshomaru decided to sleep in the car and stop in the next town in the morning and use their phone to call their friends.

    Kagome was in the driver seat with the seat leaned all the way back and bunddled in one of the blankets she packed.Sesshomaru was in the other seat with in leaned back and in a similar position.After a while sesshomaru saw that kagomes lips were starting to turn blue and her teeth were chattering.

    "Kagome come here before you freeze to death."

    "N n no it ts no t th a t c old."

    "Kagome come here.Now."

    Kagome wasted no time as she climbed over and snuggled in next to sesshomaru.

    "Sesshomaru why are you being so nice i meen you are always polite but you never acted so much like a friend to me than you do now."

    'urgh why did she have to ask a question like that.' "Well because you treat me different,Kagome.You treat me like i'm just a person and not some scary freak like everybody else." 'What was the matter with him he practicly just told her she made him have butterflies how stupid was he?'

    "Oh.Well your not a freak you a very polite gentleman and i think your great and if anybody else tells you other wise tell them to report to me.But,About the scary thing that you kind of are."

    He laughed at this she was so sweet and innocent and yet so frightening at the same time.......