• Chapter Two: Lola’s Secret Identity
    “Would anyone be willing to correct the paragraph on the board? How about you Miss Lola,” asked Lola’s English teacher Ms.Salanto.
    “Why of course, I would love too,” replied Lola. She was half way through correcting the paragraph when a man in a suit walked into the class room.
    “I’m sorry to interrupt your class miss, but we need Miss Lola Barten right away. It is very important.” He held out his FBI badge as he said this.
    “This must concern my father, does it not?”
    “I’m afraid so.”
    “Has something happened?”
    “Please, come with me. It isn’t safe here. I will explain on the way.”
    “Fine,” Lola was quite aggravated when she said this.
    The walked out the door, down the hall, and out the front door into the black SUV. “So, what is it that is so important that you have to take me out of school and show your badge? Either something went wrong with an experiment or someone is out for my father. Witch one is it?”
    “The second one, except you were off by some bit. Your father has been assassinated. We’re taking you to a safe house until we can find the culprit.” Lola was in full shock.
    Then she suddenly remembered the pack of wolves. This is where Lola chooses her fate.
    “Turn around,” Lola said with stare of pure concern and disapproval.
    “We can’t turn around, we have to get you to the safe house. We’re getting your stuff from your house and your friends will be notified of all procedures.”
    “Not that. Go to the woods and bring more vehicles, although I think you wood prefer not to bring ones that have valuable apolstry. Meet you there!” Lola opened the door and jumped out as the driver stopped for a red light.
    “No, it isn’t safe, get back in this vehicle right now!”
    “I have to find my family! I can’t leave them behind!”
    “What family!” The FBI agent had a feeling that Lola meant the wolves she met when she was little. The driver turned around and followed Lola as far as it could. Lola ran into an alley and that was that.
    I lost them, good thought Lola. Now I just have to make my… no that won’t work I’ll have to go around. She took a bend and got to Olivia’s house. She left a note after barrowing her bike. Then she took a U-turn and headed strait for the woods.
    Almost there, just a little bit farther. What’s that? Heartfall was on her usual round. But she was in the form of a human. She had a casual outfit of a no sleeved dark brown turtle neck, and a pair of brown, three quarter length pants. She had a pair of dark brown leather boots were covered in dirt. Lola did not understand this but went along with it for the time being. “We have to get the rest of the pack, we’re in serious trouble.”
    “Follow me,” said Heartfall as she turned around towards the pack’s den. When they arrived the pack was in the middle of their meeting. Lola’s sudden appearance caused some what of a disturbance.
    “My father was killed some time after 8 this morning and one hour ago seeing as that’s how long it takes to discover this information for us. I need you to come with me to the safe house to help me find the assassin. My friends will be there and they will help too. Please, we haven’t much time.”
    “Have you notified anyone of our position?” The Alfa Male Bloodfang was quite intrigued. He was also in the form of a human.
    “No, I haven’t. I told my escort to wait outside the forest when I jumped out of the car. My friends know the safe point and that is where they will stay until I bring them inside the territory. I would never mistrust your loyalty, you must know that by now”. Lola was quite offended by his little remark and spoke with offense in her tone. None the less she still had to sit on her knees and bow before him with her hands on the ground below her.
    “I am only taking the proper precautions, just as you should practice proper social educate. You know that you must stay here for now. We cannot let you venture when there is a gunmen hunting you.” Bloodfang was taking this as if it was personal offense and did nothing to hide it.
    “Actually, he wasn’t attacked by a gunmen, he was attacked by a fit man that had a tail, wolf ears and had the sent of blood all over him, suggesting that he had gone hunting recently. That is why I came to you. I had a feeling you were hiding something from me so I thought you could spread some light on this particular subject.”
    “I hoped we could keep this a secret for a little bit longer but I knew this day would come,” Bloodfang stated as if it was the most important thing in the world. After that all the wolves changed into half humans, half wolves. “This is the true form of the pack. We have kept it a secret from you for your own protection. Please forgive us for deceiving you. We cannot hide it from you any longer. You are my daughter. That is why you felt at home every time you visited. That is why you are different from most human’s. That is why you never fit in, and this is why you can never be understood by a human.”