• Chapter 3

    Loki looked out the window of the class room and sighed. “Loki? Honey?” He heard from behind him.
    “What?!” He snapped whipping his head around to look at the person behind him.
    “I was just asking if you were alright. You seemed upset. I am you’re girlfriend you know.” Shelly said from behind him.
    “Yes I know. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to be left alone.” He glared at her and looked back out the window.
    Shelly looked at him then began crying. “You a*****e.” She ran out of the room quickly.
    “Loki, man, you didn’t have to be so rude.” One of his friends said coming to sit in front of him.
    “Yeah, you made her cry. Badly.” Another said from beside him.
    “Look I’m sorry and all, but I just want to be alone. I’m trying to figure a few things out ok. I don’t want to talk to anyone right now. My mind is in a haze.” He didn’t even look away from the window as he spoke.
    “Loki, are you sure? Maybe you need to go to the nurse.”
    “No! I need to know something.” He looked at his friends. “What is it when water falls from your eyes?”
    “That’s called crying dude. Didn’t you know that?”
    “No, why do you think I asked. It’s never happened to me before. I never had any parents to cry over, I’ve never lost any friends. I didn’t have pets. I never even felt bad after being dumped. I didn’t even cry as a child. They told me I only sat there and stared. Only talking when I had to and nothing else. I don’t get it.” Loki sighed and looked back out the window.
    “Are you an alien or something?” Zeke asked setting his hand on his friend’s shoulder.
    “No. just never had any thing to cry about.” Loki said before they heard the sound of a door opening. “It can’t be!” Loki yelled and stood up to look at the door.
    Standing in the door way was a green haired boy about the same age as Loki but only slightly shorter and smaller. He seemed to be glaring at nothing with his clouded poison green eyes.
    “It can’t be that easy!” Loki yelled staring at the teen.
    “Loki, you ok man?” Dan asked shaking Loki slightly. “Loki?
    “Huh? Oh yeah. It’s nothing. Who is that?” Loki asked still looking at the new kid.
    “Oh that’s the new kid, Devin.” Zeke said moving to look at the kid as well.
    “Devin huh?” Dan said looking over. “Well, he’s cute. I’ll give him that.” Dan smiled and cocked his head to the side. “Well, cute in that little kid adorable way.”
    “Dan! You’re so bad.” Zeke said looking at Loki for approval.
    “I don’t mind. I was kind of thinking the same thing. I remember him from some where, but I don’t know where.” Loki said as he began walking toward Devin.


    Devin gave a start as he felt the presence of another in the room. “It can’t be.” he whispered. Suddenly his eyes clouded over and he froze in the door way. No! not again!
    “Why, hello there.” A voice said from in front of him.
    He jumped slightly and unclouded his eyes seeing a tall orange haired teen standing in front of him. “C-Can I help you?” He asked trying not to stutter.
    “Are you new here?” The orange haired guy asked.
    “Yes I am. My name is….”
    “Devin. Correct?”
    “Yes how did you know?”
    “My friends told me. Tell me.” The orange haired guy leaned in closer to him. “What’s your real name?”
    “Demitri Vincent. And you’re?” Devin asked eyeing the teen up and down.
    “Louis Killian, nice to meet you.” Loki said smiling.
    “Same here.” Devin said looking away from Loki. He looked around for an empty desk. “Uh, where should I sit?” He looked at Loki for an answer.
    “You can sit near me. There’s no one in the desk beside me. Well at least not any more.” Loki flashed sadness across his face but said nothing.
    “Oh okay.” Devin noticed the sadness, but as well said nothing. “May I ask a question?”
    “Of course.”
    “What happened to the person that sat in this desk?” Devin asked setting his stuff down on the desktop.
    Loki looked away and said nothing for a few minutes.
    “Loki?” Devin asked sitting down on the chair.
    “I’ll tell you later. At lunch. I’ll tell you at lunch. Come to the rooftop.” Loki whispered into Devin’s ear.