• "Jason....." I said my voice quavering and tears running down my cheeks.
    "I trusted you Ari." he started stariing down at me, his eyes cold as night.
    "I know but I,"
    "You what!? Just because you moved you thought I'd forget about you! You thought that I would go and date someone else like all your other boyfriends!?" he said furiouse.
    I didnt know what to say.
    "Speak!" he said.
    "Jason! I'm weak! I just need you to know that I do love you and that what happened with Chase was all wrong. I never did anything." I said grabbing his hand.
    He pulled away and looked toward the beach. Then started to walk away.
    My heart broke as I watched him go. The tears came faster and burned as they fell to the ground.
    "Jason!" I said crying harder then ever as I tried to get the words out, "Don't go! I need you! I love you! I never meant to hurt you!"
    He just walked away, then turned. My heart leaped until I saw him raise his hand in the air. He called for a taxi.
    I ran down my driveway as he was getting inside.
    He got inside and rolled up his window, and just as soon as he came he was gone. The taxi drove down the midnight road.
    I just stared standing in the road I started to run then a firm hand was placed on my shoulder. It was my dad.
    I turned around and buried my face on his chest. He just stood there hugging me.
    "There will be other boys." He said squeezing me tightly.
    "Yea, but none like him." I answered whiping my eyes.
    "Ari?" he started.
    "Yea?" I answered.
    "Do you honestly love this boy?" he asked starring at me.
    I nodded.
    "Then I want you to chase him." he said whiping away the falling tear.
    "What do you mean."
    "I want you to take this money, go buy an airplane ticket and go find him. I trust you will do the right thing. I raised a strong girl."
    "Yes you did dad. But you also raised me to have strength and to let go of things that aren't coming back." I answered starring out onto the dark crashing shoreline.
    "You don't need to let go of true love. Now go and make your dad proud." he said.
    Now the tears came, "Dad! I love you! I won't let you regret this I promise!"
    "I only regret letting you grow up." he answered calling a taxi.
    As I got in I whispered to him, "I'll always be your little girl."
    And my dad waveing goodbye got smaller and smaller until all I could see was darkness.

    To Be Continued