• Mary's hands twitched as she attempted to put the key in the lock, small metallic clangs echoing down the deserted hall. When she finally got the key in the lock, it made sort of a slimy sound, like the lock had been plugged with silly putty, although in this house, it could never be something that innocent. The lock flipped open with almost no pressure, and a wet dripping sound came from inside. Mary held onto the handle of the now barely opened door, knuckles turning white. I had never seen her this scared. Getting sick of the pressure, I grabbed her hands, throwing the door open in the process.

    The sitting figure was a girl. A small girl, looking about five from how tall she was and the clothes she was wearing. It was difficult to tell though, because the dark walls shaded any details from view. The chain hanging from the celing made little bell-like sounds from the sudden gust of air that seemed to have no origin in the small space, and Mary reached up and pulled it down. A low light illuminated what turned out to be a closet, with the girl shlumped on the wall. Mary turned her head away and fell on the other side of the door, face white. I now could fully see what had scared her.

    There was no skin on the body as far as I could see. The face was deviod of eyes, and they were nowhere to be found. One socket had movement in it, probably a rat or something of the sort. The chain on the celing was made of human finger bones held together by wire, all completely clean, that had once belonged to the girl by the size and the fact that she had no arms. The girl's calves were nailed in an X above her head, and a few lonely drops of blood made no noise as they fell from hole to head, blending in with the exposed flesh. The peeled off skin lined the walls, the dried blood creating that eerie darkness we had seen earlier. I slammed the door shut, and the sound of the chain falling to the floor greeted my ears with no relief. Mary had fallen over with the sudden slamming of the door, and we both stayed where we were for what seemed like forever, wondering what else this place had in store for us.