• Introduction:

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    Ed [18 years old + the pic is of when Ed was younger.]-

    Edward Elric walked through his days with emptiness in his heart and ideas running though his head. Honestly he didn't know what he was doing what-so-ever. He felt like he was on a different planet instead of a different dimension. It is better I guess but in reality he felt alone. Al was with him after he had crossed the Gate but he felt like Al chose the wrong decision. In his mind Ed had hoped for Al to live a normal life without all the drama but here they were stuck in the middle of it. 'At least I got his body back for him' Ed thought to himself every moment he started doubting the outcome. He looked to the sky and wondered what would happen next to them.

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    Hinata [15 years old + not an actual pic of Hinata it looks more like a fan made version of her...I think.]-

    Hinata Hyuga walked along the cobble stones steps in the Konoha towards her secret get-away place. Nobody knew about it but her. It was a quiet place deep inside the mountains. There was a completely different world there. There were Waterfalls, Rivers, another Forest, and animals as well. Whenever she felt like training by herself she would come here and practice her "water" jutsu with her abilities in the ninja world. But sometimes she came there just to clear her head. Ever since Naruto came back to the village she had started coming there a lot. Since they were in the academy she had had a crush on him. It was distressing on her because he never really noticed her because of her shyness. And when he did notice her it wasn't really the way she wanted. It was of a different world that she needed. An escape. A treasure. A love. One day she came to her hidden area once again and looked to the rocky ceiling, and she decided once and for all that she would give up on love... At least she thought she did.

    Chapter 1:

    Ed looked over at Al. It was another restless day in this new world that they had adopted. Al was drawing something up on a piece of paper. "At least he is still energetic," Ed thought with a frown on his face then said aloud, "What's that?" Al looked up and held up the picture. It was Noah. Ed asked Al, "What are you thinking about now?" Al looked up at him with wide eyes and said, "Home." That word always angered Ed. It reminded him of what was lost in his life that he could never get back no matter how hard he tried. To him it seemed like he screwed up big time when he was so young and then when things started to get a little better they fell away and withered into dusty memories. By now Ed could swear he had a hole where his heart should be. He got up quickly and stalked off to his bedroom. He took off his shirt and changed into a lighter one. It was winter there but for some reason his room always seemed to get warmer at night. Crawling into bed he looked up at the wooden paneling. He thought about what Al had said and started reminiscing in the good days at their old home, the place he so longed to be at now. Within minutes he fell into a deep sleep.

    He didn't even know that Al had come into his room later that night. He looked at his older brother who looked younger when he slept. His expression was more pleasant than it had been in a long time. It was a good moment. Al didn't want to wake him up but didn't want Ed to worry later on. He reached out to touch Ed's auto-mail arm and gasped. He couldn't take his hand away yet but was amazed. For a while he saw Risembool with Winry, Rose, Armstrong, Hawkeye, and even Roy. Then Al felt like tears were about to come gushing out of him; the next images were the worst. Running through his mind he saw his Mother, Father, and Hughes all laughing and all alive. Nothing would make Al think Ed would think about this since this was Al could think about. It was always Ed being the stronger one, never mentioning those things while that was mostly what Al talked about. Noah was still upset with Ed for not taking her to their home and would only talk to Al. The door creaked open as Al stumbled slightly away from Ed. He turned around and saw Noah in the doorway. She whispered to him, "I guess I am not the only one with this talent." Al looked at her in disbelief then touched his brother's arm again. This time he saw The Gate.

    Ed looked up at The Gate. It was the same as when he remembered it. Now though he felt truly alone. He wanted to open those large doors and surpass its power just to reach their home. But he knew that was impossible and so he dropped to his knees and did something he could never do in reality, he started to cry. He could never do this in front of Al, he had to keep him as stable as life would let them be. "Brother?" Ed froze. Why was Al now in his dreams?! Was this some sick joke that his mind had come up with to punish him? Slowly he turned and then saw Al looking at him. "Brother..." Al repeated. Ed's eyes got wide with fear and turned toward The Gate. Quietly Al said to him, "Noah says I have the same gift as her. But I can actually be part of those dreams. I don't think she can. Brother... why where you thinking of the Gate?" Ed saw fear and worry in Al's eyes and knew what Al was thinking. "I was thinking of Home, Al." Al nodded still looking different. There was a weird noise coming from behind Ed and he turned to look at it. The Gate was revealing a new place. It showed a cave like place but in a way it was a world as well. Ed saw a girl's the image of a girl. She wore odd clothing but he couldn't see her face. But he could see her long black hair. It was really beautiful and Ed felt his breath taken away from him. He started to walk toward the Gate and this mysterious land. He wanted to know more about this place. But in that instant the girl and the place disappeared and was replaced by a village. It looked like it might be interesting and it might be his only clue to that place, his only hope for an escape. He continued to walk toward the Gate when Al gripped his arm tightly. Ed turned to Al and said, "Let go Al." Al just stared at Ed's face, it was impossible to read his thoughts now. "Al..." Ed whispered. But still Alphonse wouldn't let go. "Edward you not leaving me again." Ed's eyes went wide and he looked at the ground trying to hold back the tears that were almost trying to force themselves out! Yet again he was reminded that his life felt as if it had come apart. Regaining control over himself Ed looked up toward Al and said, "Let's go then." Al nodded and then Ed turned around toward the Gate once again. Then the two Elric brothers walked through to another world once again, but this time it was for a better reason.

    Envy looked at the two brothers in the world called Earth. It was weird being inside their house and not able to kill them directly. "Being in this woman's body is annoying, what was her name? Noam? Ha Ha! That's right it was Noah. Ugh," Envy thought to himself. But within seconds something changed. There was a glimmering that formed around the two boys and they started to disappear. Envy quickly ran over to them and touched Edward's foot. He was taken to where ever they had gone to. When they had reached a type of grassy area Envy ran off into the bushes off to his plot.

    Sakura went around to her daily patrol area. She glanced through the trees, the bushes below, and the high grass. After a while she saw something glimmer on the ground. She jumped over to it and her eyes widened when she saw what she had found. Two oddly dressed boys. They looked unconscious and as if they had been through seriously tough times even though they were so young. Carefully she put their arms around her shoulder and noticed that the smaller boy's arm was made of metal. She decided to take a look later and then went straight to the hospital. Sakura placed them in the same room, guessing they were related. Then she went to the Hokage.

    Hinata walked along the dreary paths of the village. Her life seemed totally in balance but something was missing inside of her. Seconds passed when Kiba suddenly started running toward her. She faced him and he said, "Hinata, the Hokage wants to see you and Neji. Naruto is out looking for him now. Let's go." Hinata nodded and followed him through the trees. She wondered what had happened to have caused the Hokage to call for herself and Neji. When they finally reached the hospital the Hokage stood outside and she bowed and said, "Tsunade-sama may I ask what has happened? I heard that you asked for both Neji and me. Is whatever this is that serious?" Tsunade nodded her head once and then motioned for them to follow her but she said to Sakura, "Stay here and wait for Naruto and Neji." As they walked along the corridors the medical ninja's stopped to look at the three of them. They turned into a room and Hinata's eyes widened slightly. "Who are these two?" She asked. They were both badly torn up and one had... Hinata's eyes widened even more when she saw the eldest Elric brother. "Does this boy really have a metal arm and leg?" Tsunade nodded to her and said, "I would like you to check they chakra flow, if they have one. I sense something different about them but can't place it. I thought that if you and Neji were to take a look at him then we could figure out how to heal him. His brother is the same way but isn't as strong. It is obvious they aren't from here or anywhere near here. We hope to investigate later." Hinata understood what she was needed for and walked over to Edward first. She was about to use her Byakugan when Ed woke up.

    Edward's golden eyes looked up at the girl. He was instantly reminded of the girl he saw through the Gate. He sat up straight and then regretted doing that. Carefully he laid back down onto the bed. His eyes only looked to her even though three more people entered the room. He remembered her long black hair and then studied her face thinking, "so this is what she looks like." Then he turned to stare down at his auto-mail arm. He tested it out by trying to make a fist. It was working fine now, although it was a little rusty and he then wished Winry were there to fix him up. He also wanted to have his braid back, he was still only capable of putting it up into a ponytail. Ed looked up at the girl and down to the bed and then up to the girl again. He put on a sweet smile and asked her, "So what's your name?"