• Chapter 1

    “It was him again.” .“ The boy from my dreams”. Nikki wrote in her small diary that she had pulled out of a box that she had hidden under her bed. Nikki stood up and walked over to her dresser and looked into the mirror. It was still dark and her reflection was very dark and shadowed. She looked at the dark image that was her reflection on the surface of the glass. She looked into the dark glass trying to remember what the dream had been like or what had happened in it. She soon gave up when she couldn’t remember what it had been about and pressed her face into her palms because she was frustrated and upset that she couldn’t remember. All that she could remember was that he had been in it. The same boy that was in all of her dreams. She closed her eyes and she could remember him perfectly. She could remember everything about him. He was as tall as she was and met her eyes at a perfect height. He had black hair that hid his face and a thin dark red scar that crossed his face and his right eye. The one thing that lured her in each night was his eyes. He had sapphire blue eyes that seemed to be streaked with small streaks of blood red.
    Nikki lifted her face out of her hands and looked up once again at her reflection brushing her long black bangs out of her face. She looked into the mirror and tried to remember once again what she had dreamt about. Once again she could not remember. All she could remember was that she had woken late at night and that the dream had left her exhausted and out of breath. She had gotten out of bed and looked in the mirror and she could clearly see, even in the dim light of the night, that there was a bright red streak across her face and her face felt warm and she had a strange feeling that seemed to overwhelm her but soon left a few minutes later. Nikki began to grow even more frustrated and walked over to the window of her room and rested her head on the cold surface of the glass and looked out at the dark void that was the city streets around her. Nikki shut her eyes and listened to the soft sound of rain on the window as it began to rain outside. It had been raining a lot lately. Nikki didn’t find this a surprise at all. It was late spring and it was normal for it to rain this much during this time of year. Nikki didn’t mind the rain. She actually enjoyed it. She loved it when it rained. She would listen to it on hours sometimes because the sound of the rain falling relaxed her so much and sounded so good to her. Nikki continued to listen to the rain outside until it was interrupted by the voice of her mother yelling from the other side of the door for her to get up out of bed and get ready for school.
    Nikki looked across the room at the glowing face of the clock sitting by her bed. It was six o’clock. She had been awake for almost five hours since the dream had woken her from her sleep. Nikki wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. She wanted to dream. She wanted to dream about him. She wanted to see him again. Nikki soon snapped out her trance when her mothers voice came yelling through her door again. Nikki quickly grabbed some clothes out of her dresser, not even bothering to see which ones she had grabbed, and quickly made her way to the shower. She was not looking forward to going to school today.

    Chapter 2

    ”The elders are not going to be very happy with you when they find out that you are here” Legion said concerned about his friend who had gone against everything that the elders had told him not to do. “Then lets hope that they do not find out” Lance said absent mindenty. Lance had been here all night watching and waiting and was now deep in thought. Lance had been watching all night and had not returned to their home for at least two days. Lance could hear his dear friend going on and on about how the elders had forbade him to come and how they forbade him to get involved with the humans for any reason other than feeding. Lance didn’t care. Lance had fallen in love with her, and he hated being so far away from her. Lance could remember the elders exact words and how they had told him that it was blasphemy for their kind to fall in love with a human. After all, they were considered monsters by the humans and were often hunted. Still, lance did not care, even though Lance had headed the words of the elder, he still did not care and still went against their commands.
    Lance stood on the edge of her building looking out at the rainy city around him. “You do realize what might happen if you continue to see her don’t you”. Legion said walking up to his friend “the elders aren’t exactly happy with you Lance”. Lance turned his head to face his Legion “they aren’t exactly happy with you either”. Lance answered back, hoping that would end the argument there. “I’m not the one who is in love with someone outside of our kind”. Legion said back sternly. Lance turned around keeping himself perched onto the edge of the building. He turned around to confront his life long friend, but when lance saw the look of concern on his Legions face he stopped and stood facing his friend “it is not any of your business, or the elders, to tell me what I can and cannot do”. Lance said turning back around and turning his back to his friend, making the point that the argument was over and done with. Legion walked over and put a hand on his friends shoulder with a concerned look on his face “just make sure your home before Serist gets back”. Legion said giving him a warm smile and a friendly wink “Serist won’t be very happy if you aren’t there when he gets back”. Lance looked back at his dear friend and gave him a sly smile over his shoulder Serist wont be happy about you wearing his cloak either”. Legion looked down at the long silk black cloak that he had draped over himself to keep out the rain and let out a laugh that made his black hood fall from his head revealing his short black messy hair. Legion looked over in Lance’s direction to make sure that he wasn’t the only one laughing at the joke that lance had made. But when legion did, his friend was nowhere to be found and had disappeared. Legion let out a sigh and got a running start jumping from one roof top to the next stopping on one to look back and see if Lance had returned. When he saw that his friend had not yet returned he let out another sign and continued on his way, quietly saying a silent prayer for his friends protection.

    Chapter 3

    Niki walked by the kitchen and shot toward the door grabbing her coat hoping to avoid her mom, who was now busy in the kitchen, and made her way to the door. Niki began to open the door slowly trying to be as quite as she could and started to slip out the door when her mother’s voice came down the hall “are you leaving?” she asked starting her way down the hall and out of the kitchen. Niki’s mother was a very superficial person and looked more like a life size Barbie than an actual person. She had long blond hair and worn more make-up than any person Nikki knew. Her mother walked over to Nikki and wrapped her in a big hug that practically strangled her. Her mother ran her hand through Nikki’s long black hair“we really should bleach your hair sometime”. She said looking down at her child’s black hair. Nikki quickly pulled herself from the death grip of her mother’s hug “no thank you, Claire”. Nikki said trying to make her way to the door again. Nikki’s mother looked at her sternly “I told you to stop calling me that”. Her mother said sternly. Her voice turned back to the friendly tone she was known for “Please, just call me mom”. She said quietly. Nikki turned around and went out the door slamming it behind her quietly whispering to herself “you will never be my mother”. Nikki continued down the street with tears beginning to form in her eyes. Nikki quickly wiped the tears away and quickly made her way down the rainy streets.
    Nikki looked around at the rainy streets around her, they were unusually empty. Nikki had noticed that there seemed to be less and less people in this part of the city and missing reports were constantly in the news. Something seemed very out of place to her. Something about this just didn’t seem right to her. But soon enough she quickly dismissed the thought and began to think deeply about the dream from the night before. Nikki continued down the street listening to the soft patter of the rain on the street. She walked down the wet streets when suddenly a strange feeling swept over her. She began to panic a little and began to slowly speed up her pace of walking until she was practically running. She soon realized just how stupid she was acting and brought her pace back down to a steady walk. Nikki looked around the street brushing her rain drenched hair out of her face revealing her sapphire blue eyes. Her eyes were a gift from her mother, her birth mother. Nikki continued down the street and let out a sigh of relief when she saw the school was now in sight. She quickly made her way to the back of the small school and slipped in the back door, making sure that nobody saw her.
    As soon as Nikki was sure that nobody had seen her she turned around and just about screamed. Standing right behind her was her friend life long friend Jessi. Jessi was a very high spirited and friendly girl. She wasn’t very big but not very small either. Jessi wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl on campus, but she had one thing that every girl on campus envied and wanted. Her hair. Jessi had long blond hair that was about shoulder length and was the color of golden silk. Every girl on campus wished that they could have Jessi’s hair. Nikki and Jessi had known each other since they both were 5 years old and that had always been there for each other ever since.
    Nikki shouted angrily at her friend who was now trying to not fall over laughing. “Don’t do that!” Jessi was finally starting to catch her breath “sorry, I couldn’t help it”. Jessi said still laughing. Nikki Smacked Jessi over the head and stormed off down the hall. Jessi picked herself up off of the floor and ran off after her friend. “Nick is looking for you”. Jessi said when she caught up with Nikki. Nikki rolled her eyes. Nick was her supposed “boyfriend”
    who she was set up with by her supposed “friend” Ashley. Nikki hated Nick. She hated everything about him. He was a perv, he was aggressive, and he was always mean to her friends. Plus, he had the hardest time keeping his hands to himself. Sometimes he would be grabbing her so much that it just made her feel absolutely terrible inside and she would have to give him a sharp jab with her elbow in his side or his ribs to get him to stop. The only reason why she stayed with him was because she was afraid of what he might do to her if she ever broke up with him.
    As if on cue, a strong muscled handsome boy with short brown hair and grin on his face appeared at the end of the hall and started his way toward Jessi and Nikki when he saw them. The instant that Nikki saw nick coming, she got a terrible feeling that made her feel absolutely sick and she began to feel bad all over.