• Mystic
    Part 1, The Awakening
    By Jonathan Gibson

    One day, Traharain(Trah-Ha-rain) was waiting in study hall staring at the clock, waiting for the period to end. It was the last day of school and he was waiting to get home. Suddenly, his friend Lailya(Lay-e-l-uh) started talking to him

    Lailya: Hey Rain.
    Traharain: Ya Lai(lay)?
    Lailya: There's gonna be a meteor show tonight, wanna come over to my house?
    Traharain: SURE!
    Mr. Harrin(har-in: Traharain quiet down now or I'll give you a detention
    Traharain: Sorry Mr. H
    Lailya: Nice one Rain
    Traharain: shut up.....
    Lailya: Don't tell me to shut up
    Traharain: Whatever
    Lailya: Any whey Jack is coming too
    Traharain: cool

    The bell rings and everyone goes running out to the buses and cars to get back home to start their summer vacations. Traharain and Lailya meet up with Jack and walk to Lailya's house

    Jack: You know what I've always wondered?
    Lailya: why you always go to summer school?
    Jack: shut up......
    Lailya: Don't tell me to shut up
    Traharain: whoa deja vu
    Jack: what?
    Traharain: Nothing
    Lailya: Any whey what is it you always wondered
    Jack: Why you and Traha have weird names
    Traharain and Lailya at the same time: SHUT UP ABOUT IT!!!
    Traharain: heh heh.....
    Lailya: Awkward.
    Jack to Traharain: I know you like here just ask her out already
    Traharain to Jack: shut up about it already, I'm waiting for the right time
    Jack: Whatever
    Lailya: What??
    Jack and Traharain(in a quick tone): Nothing
    Lailya: whatever

    The three friends get to Lailya's house and wait around snacking and playing games, Jack gets a new high score on pinball and Traharain Plays Halo 3 with Lailya. After a few hours they eat dinner and a few hours later the meteor show starts.

    Lailya: cmon it started, lets get up to the roof.
    Jack and Traharain: ok
    (they go to the roof of Lailya's house)
    Traharain: When did you set it all up?
    Lailya and Jack: while you were sleeping
    Traharain:...... sorry
    Lailya: It's ok I don't mind
    (Jack gives Traharain a this-is-you-big-chance-look)
    Traharain: Heh heh......
    Jack: Are we just gonna stand here all night or are we going to watch some rocks fall?
    Traharain: I hope nobody thinks we're nerds cause of this
    Jack: Dude after what you did to that kid at school last week-Lailya interjects: and the day before that- nobody's gonna think your a nerd
    Traharain: and you fail a lot and have a screw you attitude so your safe
    Jack: Ah, touche
    Lailya: And I'm safe because-
    Jack: Your hot
    (Lailya hits Jack): Shut up
    (Jack rubbing his cheek): So it's bad to be hot?
    Lailya: When you say it
    Traharain: Whatever lets just sit down already...
    (They sit down with Traharain in the middle)
    Jack to Traharain: Dude this is your chance ask her out now
    Traharain to Jack: Alright I'll do it..
    Jack: Finally
    Lailya: Huh?
    Jack: Nuthin its just that the falling rocks are falling more
    Traharain: Lailya?
    Lailya: Ya?
    Traharain: will you-
    (A meteorite falls towards Lailya's house)
    (Traharain feels a weird sensation)
    Traharain: well.... so much for that idea...
    (the meteorite lands in Lailya's backyard and they all rush down to check it out, Traharain just climbs down)
    Lailya: What was it you were about to ask me Rain?
    Traharain: I'll tell ya later, lets check out that rock
    Lailya to herself: ...Maby I should ask him.....
    Traharain: walks up to the rock and see's that it cracked and see's something glint inside of it
    Jack: This is definitely a first for me..
    Lailya: I think it's a first for all of us.....
    (Traharain opens up the rock and picks up a pendant)
    Lailya: What is that thing?
    Jack: some kinda necklace
    Traharain: Its got an engraving on it, looks like it says Mystic, its really weird though.
    Lailya: It looks really weird too.
    Traharain: Here Lailya you have it
    Lailya: Awwww thanks Rain
    (Lailya reaches for the pendant but jerks her hand away)
    Lailya: How can you hold that thing?? I just put my hand near it and it feels really hot
    (Jack does the same thing but touches it)
    Jack: OUCH that think freakin burned me
    Traharain: Weird.. It's not hot to me
    (Traharain puts it on) I guess I'll keep it then.......
    Lailya: What if it cools down?
    Traharain: If it cools down you can have it Lailya
    Lailya: Yay!
    Traharain: Heh heh.....
    Jack: Either way Let's get back up to the roof

    The three friends make their way back up to the roof, but little did they know that one of them just started on a journey that would last all summer long.