• Interview between Molly Lea and world renowned talk show host Mr. Killing Hunderson
    Hunderson: “So Miss. Lea tell us about the newest book you have, the background for your chilling tale “ The Man who stole my heart…and the way I got it back.” “
    Lea: “Simply said the book was made for someone that I knew. I made it because in a way it is a true story. It is based on something that happened to me.”
    Hunderson: “Oh really (leans forward in chair) and who would that be. What did this person do to you that made you write such a chilling tale?”
    Lea: “I won’t tell you his name but I will tell you what he did. (slight pause) I never smile. I mean I never really smile. I’ll grin in your direction, wave and fake smile to my fans, and I’ll even smirk but I have never really truly smiled.”
    Hunderson: (looked taken aback) “Never…until this guy right?”
    Lea: (looks down) correct. He made me smile, he made me grin from ear to ear and deep inside me a feeling I didn’t know existed woke up. I ached every time I was with him and for that my punishment was to smile harder.” (Scowls at the ground)
    Hunderson: “I take it your in love with this fellow. That’s what it sounds like to me.” (Looks toward the silent crowd)
    (At this point everyone is shocked by Molly’s confession. She is often seen smiling but now it seems that they were fake.)
    Lea: (laughs a little and her grin turns sour) “On the contrary…I HATE him. I loathe him to the ends of the earth and back.”
    (Crowd gasps)
    Lea: “But the more that I try to be away from him the more I get pulled toward him. He has an aura that begs my soul to join it and in that I can’t resist.”
    Hunderson: “So what did you do to show your feelings?” (Gulps)
    Lea: (looks surprised and then starts laughing) “Oh that’s simple. (Grins an evil smile that makes Hunderson shiver) “I wrote him a book.
    Hunderson nods and they cut to break. He thanks Molly for her time and watches as she walks out of the building. For a long while he would think about that last smile.

    “Again Molly? This is the third time this week you’ve run out of the office. What’s wrong with you?” Barbra asked as she looked down at her longtime friend and writer. Molly shrugged and turned away from her editor. She sat the computer and watched the letters appear while her figure moved unconsciously.
    “So are you going to tell me or not? Does this have something to do with Halden?” Barbra asked perching on the desk next to Molly.
    Molly stiffened and said in a tight voice, “No I was just having some trouble writing.”
    “Liar, you hardly ever get blocked and when you do you tell me in advance because you feel it coming. So how about the truth this time.”
    Molly sighed and looked at her friend. “I can’t keep anything from you huh?” Molly asked. Barbra smiled and shook her head.
    “Fine… he hasn’t come back since the interview. He won’t take my calls and when he does he sounds dead. I think something’s wrong but he never did tell me where he lives. When I run out it’s because I think I see him in the park below.” Molly whispered.
    Barbra nodded and wondered again who exactly this man was that he could fluster Molly so badly. The phone beside the desk ran and Molly grabbed it.
    “Hello, this is Molly.”
    “Can you come?” a low voice asked.
    “Halden? Come where, what’s wrong?”
    “The park outside your office. I’ll talk to you then….Bring a first aid kit, but no one else.” Halden said quickly as the phone line went dead.
    Molly grabbed the things she needed and with a quick word to Barbra ran out the door. This was the first time Halden had called for her in a month and she was not about to let this chance to see him pass. She ran out of the building and down the street. She barely noticed the rain as it poured down from the heavens as she entered the park. Halfway in; she turned onto an unused path. There in the middle of an opening sat Halden on a crystal bench. Not many people knew about the crystal bench in the park, but that was where they had first met and Molly just knew that that is where he would be.
    “Halden, are you all right?” Molly asked as she got closer to the bench. She could see a prone figure sprawled on the seat, and her breath caught in her throat.
    “HALDEN!!” Molly screamed as she hurried forward and kneeled by his body.
    “Shh, molly cant you be quieter?” Halden asked sitting up a little. Molly watched as blood poured down his head and she moved into action.
    ‘Be still Halden, we need to get that bandaged before it gets infected.” Molly said.