• Everyday at two-oh-nine I walk into geometry on the second floor of my school and take a seat in the farthest corner from the door. I do this so that I can disrupt the class since Mr. Mac, the math teacher, doesn’t really care. Other then this, I am a good smart student. This is the only class I walk in late too, and I walk into it every day, even if I am sick and stayed home the rest of the day. I thought today would be no different. That’s the way it works, right?

    I open the door, and nod to Mr. Mac, and as I am walking to my desk, I see that someone is sitting in it. I turn, check the time that is above the door, and scan the room again. It is now two-ten, and the only empty desk is the one closest to the door, opposite from where I sit. I look at my desk again and take in the girl sitting there.

    I hate to say it, but she’s the type that says “look again, I want you too.” Slightly tan skin, brown hair, blue eyes, and a light dash of freckles make her seem normal, it’s her style that has me. Her brown hair is in high side pigtails, so that her hair touches the slightly revealed shoulders, tied with black scrunchies. Her blue eyes had thick eyeliner and mascara applied, and were framed by her square-ish black glasses. She wore a dark, low-cut form-fitting tank top under a loose, black, off the shoulder, empire waist shirt that would most likely go down past her hips. Her nails were painted a dark color, not quiet black, but they were close.

    I tuned around and sat in the front. I didn’t dare look again, or I might think that I wasn’t dreaming.

    The next day, I tried to follow my path in life. I walked into geometry again, and before moving, looked at my far corner desk. The Goth/emo/punk from the other day was gone, leaving behind someone else. Same brown hair, same blue eyes, same skin and same glasses. She wore a button down army green t-shirt, or maybe the sleeves were rolled up, with the top button undone, and a fading denim jacket over it. Her hair was under a scarf the same green color, with two stands framing her face, making her look Elvin. I took the same seat as yesterday, and left as soon as the bell rang.

    I tried the same thing again, and found a different type of girl, with the same body, in the same seat. This time she wore a baggy t-shirt, black with something written on it, under a black sweater that also hung loosely to her body. She wore her hair in a pony tail, one that would hold but was loose, with no frames. I went to sit down, but took another look, she was the girl who normally sat in the desk closest to the door.

    That day, after class she approached me casually. “Now that I know you will take a second glance at me, do you want to go to the dance with me this Friday?”

    Me, being to smart person I am, smiled, “It’s not that I had to take a second glance at you, when I sit in my normal seat I can’t take my eyes off you. All you had to do was take a second glance at me.”

    She laughed, and grinned back at me. “Maybe we should keep sitting like this so that you can pay attention to the teacher, James. Well, I’ve got to get to class.”

    A thought crossed my mind as she walked out the door, ‘All I had to do to get the girl I’ve wanted to notice me, was to take a second glace at her in when I walk into class. Man, I wasted three months of my life I could have spent with her.’