• Forks High School has some mystery, but Bella thinks she knows it all. Boy, is she wrong.

    Bella Swan walked into her chemistry classroom. Seeing nobody, she sighed. “Wow. I’m early. That’s a first.”
    Bella settled into her seat as the familiar chorus of “Know Your Stars” starts up. As the brunette jumped, shocked, the voice starts up.
    “Isabella Swan.”
    Bella rolled her eyes, already thoroughly convinced that this was no vampire or werewolf. “Yeah?”
    “Bella is actually a vampire, but she was so butt-ugly as a human that nobody can tell.”
    Bella jumped from her chair. “No way!
    “Then why did I see you sparkle as you entered the classroom?”
    “I’m wearing makeup,”
    The voice seemed to almost smirk. “Yeah, makeup to cover your ugly vampire face.”
    A short raven-haired girl walked into the room. “Sorry, Bella! I can’t believe I didn’t see your interrogation sooner! Here.” Alice handed Bella a piece of notebook paper.
    “Bella Swan gets her pick-up lines from Wuthering Heights.” Bella read. “Alice, I thought you were on MY side!”
    “I am,” the vampire said smartly. “It’s a list of the things the voice will say and the sarcastic comments you can reply to tick it off.”
    Alice left, and Bella made herself comfortable. The voice started up again. “Isabella Swan asked James and Victoria to try and destroy her just so she could see if Edward would still love a frail, moronic human.”
    The girl quickly scanned the paper. “Alice didn’t put that one on the list!” she exclaimed.
    You could almost see the voice smiling evilly. “It was a spur of the moment decision.”
    “Alice! EDWARD! How do I answer this one?”
    “Isabella Swan had Edward bribe her through high school- she’s not even smart enough to come up with her own comebacks!”
    Bella stormed out of the room, screaming for Edward. The voice laughed gleefully, yet in an indifferent voice said the closing statement. “And now you know, Isabella Swan.”

    Thank you to Chibi Horsewoman/ DominoKitty for allowing me to steal the Know Your Stars idea. Now I have to face the fact that this will never top Know Your Stars: Winx Club. If you like Winx, I recommend it.