• Chapter 6:Getting them together

    What happenes when The girls and boys get rika with shiro and rei with kyori?

    "Rika it's only 5 months till prom!"Hana said.

    "So what?"Rika said.

    "Still no date!"Mizuki said.

    "Look who's talking"Rika said.

    "Hey I've got a date with Yushi"Mizuki said.

    "Let me guess...kisha is with Rauku,kino is with meyri,and hana is with korono"Rika said.

    "Oh my your right!"Kisha said.

    "By the way Rika you,your brother,shiro,and kyori don't have a date"Mizuki said.

    "So?Why Do I care if I have a date?"Rika said.

    "So you won't be lonley!"Hana said with her puppy dog eyes.

    "Fine..."Rika said.

    "GREAT!Your with shiro!"Kisha said while going outta the room.After that Rika blushed.


    "Ok Rei now you and Kyori are the only one without dates"Kino said.

    "What about shiro or or rika??"Rei asked them

    "Well Kisha,Mizuki,and Hana got us set up!"Shiro said.

    "Oh man why?"Rei asked in guilt.

    "So you'll get a girlfriend"Kino said.

    "Say what?"rei siad.

    "Fine if you change your mind were gonna pair you up with kyori!"SHiro said while going outta the room.

    "WHAT!!?"Rei screamed while blushing into a deep red color.

    "Plan worked?"Hana asked them.

    "Yep but Rei won't fall for it so he's gonna think about it!"Shiro said.