• GrrandZim-Yellow Shelby



    Littlekitty-You say yellow I say bananas!
    Littlekitty-So how bout a movie Friday??

    Grrandzim-How bout Monday??

    Littlekitty-sounds good

    GrrandZim-What movie

    Littlekitty-IDK, well decide ltr


    Littlekitty-Hey! Polly is online!!

    GrrandZim-SWEET! Do one of those chat rooms


    Shelby's chat
    GrrandZim has just entered chat room
    jollypolly has just entered chat room


    GrrandZim-noting really u?

    Littlekitty-don't lie! Were going to a movie monday
    Littlekitty-HaHa get it movie Monday HaHa

    jollypolly-I would love to come, but alas I can't sad
    jollypolly-I have to work 4eva

    GrrandZim-Shoot (snaps fingers)

    Littlekitty-Thats to bad...oh well me and jazzy will be having fun while you play with cutie kiddies!!!

    jollypolly-What movie are you gonna see??

    GrrandZim- Shelby thinks we should decide ltr

    jollypolly-hmm, you should see an action movie!!!

    Littlekitty- I am Not really into the whole save the world theory

    GrrandZim-I saw my crush 2day

    jollypolly-don't you see your crush everyday??

    Littlekitty-Well not everyday. . . its summer vacation!

    GrrandZim-I got the nerve to say...HI!

    Littlekitty-HI??? wow really
    Littlekitty-*happy dance*

    GrrandZim-What the f*** is a happy dance???

    jollypolly-*gasp* jazzy! Why I never!


    Littlekitty-You swore

    GrrandZim-no really...but Idcare! ********!!!

    jollypolly-*gasp* Why you...very rude person

    GrrandZim-*sticks out tounge* Sorry polly

    Littlekitty-polly you should let her sware

    jollypolly-New subject, I have to leave 4 my job. GOODBYE!

    jollypolly left
    start chat with GrrandZim? * Yes *No


    Littlekitty-*silence* gosh we better not get on her nerves next week at school

    GrrandZim-Gah...SCHOOL! Wow...i swear not to!

    Littlekitty-Wanna go get some icecream??

    GrrandZim-Yes, To bad polly cannot join us in our journey to the icecream wonder!

    Littlekitty-ROFL! hahahahahahaha!
    Wednesday 25, 9:44am

    jollypolly-Hiya Shelby!!


    jollypolly-i decided to let jazzy sware, cuz Its nomb
    Jollypolly-nomb-none of my business

    littlekitty-cool, I really wish you could see that movie with us!!

    jollypolly-me too! Well G2G to work!!

    Wednesday 25, 1:30pm

    GrrandZim-how r ya??

    littlekitty-right as rain biggrin
    littlekitty-but in 3 days its school again sad

    GrrandZim-oh I know!!!
    GrrandZim-I CAN'T WAIT!!


    GrrandZim-cuz, I get to see you again!!

    littlekitty-oh I know!!!
    littlekitty-ok, I am going to give u a test!!

    GrrandZim-oh no! sad

    littlekitty-not like school, a dare test!!


    littlekitty-4 fun k?

    GrrandZim-Fine, What is # 1??

    littlekitty-You know how they have DDR (dance dance revolution) at the cinemas??

    GrrandZim-yea so

    littlekitty-your going to do it cuz you neva wanted to before


    littlekitty-ON a SATURDAY!

    GrrandZim-Nooo thats the day when everyone watches you!!! D:


    GrrandZim-Fine, but I won't like it

    littlekitty-Who ever liked dares??

    GrrandZim-good point
    GrrandZim-i heard you were looking 4 a job...

    littlekitty-not any more. . . its allmost school and I didn't really need work

    GrrandZim-huh, interesting

    littlekitty-Well, what do you have to do 2day?

    GrrandZim-*clears throat* 1.clean room 2.clean house 3.pack to move 4.move 3 blocks away from house

    littlekitty-ur moving??
    littlekitty-why didn't u tell us??

    GrrandZim-never really remembered


    GrrandZim-IDK, maybe because its only 3 blocks away

    littlekitty-my list now 1.go to piano lessons 2.Show mom what learned 3.clean room 4.hope 4 polly to get online or jazzy

    GrrandZim-Wow I like #4!!!

    littlekitty-of course
    littlekitty-now I am off to my piano lessons!!

    Wednesday 25, 3:59pm

    jollypolly-jazilin badazlin

    GrrandZim-Did you get that from shelby??


    GrrandZim-and let me guess your name is jollypolly??

    jollypolly-correct...ding ding ding u win a million dollars!!

    GrrandZim-shoot no money sad
    GrrandZim-you excited 4 school??

    jollypolly-only cuz I get to see you guys!!

    GrrandZim-Shelbster is online smile

    jollypolly-ok I will put up my chat room!

    Jollypolly whee!!!
    GrrandZim has just entered chat
    littlekitty has just entered chat

    littlekitty-How r ya??

    jollypolly-good, excited 4 school!!! biggrin

    GrrandZim-Ha me too!!
    GrrandZim-what about you shelby?

    Littlekitty-not really, cuz of the tests on the 1st day!!

    jollypolly- sad aww man I hate the yearly beginning test
    jollypolly-but I so get to see u!!!!!

    Littlekitty-eee I no thats the only exciting part
    Littlekitty-i will not be getting on thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday

    jollypolly-y not??

    Littlekitty-i am going to my sisters house...bye g2g pack!!


    Littlekitty has left the chat
    continue chat with GrrandZim?? yes** no*


    jollypolly-you can swear if you really want to I don't mind anymore

    GrrandZim-gee, thanks!

    Jollypolly-well I gotta head off 2!!

    GrrandZim-k, bye!

    Tuesday july 1, 9:56am

    GrrandZim-THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME although I have already seen it

    Littlekitty-and I have not, but It was AWESOME!!!

    GrrandZim-yes well enough chit chat about the movie how are you 2day??
    GrrandZim-how are you chating with me??

    Littlekitty-i am in free time class...and so are you

    GrrandZim-looks around, oh yeah right!
    GrrandZim-i will be back on in 5th period cuz thats ULTIMATE keyboarding class 4 you and me!!!!!!!

    Littlekitty-ok, I will see you in ULTIMATE keyboarding class!

    Tuesday july 1, 11:00am

    Littlekitty-how come the thing says july on it??

    GrrandZim-when its the first day of the month it does that


    GrrandZim-did you think that lesson was hard??

    Littlekitty-nah...except it was SUPER LONG!!!

    GrrandZim-yea this girl next to me is still on it.
    GrrandZim-i am so glad this teacher lets us chat across the room when were done with our lessons!

    Littlekitty-same here
    Littlekitty-after class we should sneak up on polly and playfully hit her with books

    GrrandZim-yes but playfully so we don't hurt her... biggrin

    Littlekitty-the bell is gonna ring I am logging off!


    Tuesday july 1, 3:30pm

    Littlekitty-did you hit polly to hard??

    GrrandZim-no did you?

    Littlekitty-no, but she wouldn't even talk to us at lunch...and we said sorry to many times

    GrrandZim-well yea but we didn't sit with her

    Littlekitty-thats because she wasn't the pollyana I know and love!
    GrrandZim-well try and figure it out k??

    Littlekitty-k I will chat with her see whats going on

    GrrandZim-i will in the morning too!

    Tuesday july 1, 3:50pm

    Littlekitty-polly were really sorry..

    auto answer from jollypolly-some people are so self centered and oh yeah no one can call me polly except for nicole cuz she is my only bf right now!! ******** THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Littlekitty-oh god pollyana sorry really we didn't mean to hurt you at all


    Littlekitty-r u there at all??????????

    Littlekitty-fine then goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday 2, 7:00am

    GrrandZim-polly you there

    auto answer from jollypolly-some people are so self centered and oh yeah no one can call me polly except for nicole cuz she is my only bf right now!! ******** THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GrrandZim-sorry we really r sorry
    GrrandZim-at least talk2us!

    GrrandZim-aww c'mon!!

    GrrandZim-fine fine fine (cry)

    Tuesday 2, 9:25am

    Littlekitty-did you see her auto answer??

    GrrandZim-yes, we should sit with her sometime

    Littlekitty-once she talks 2 us though

    GrrandZim-okay then, what do you wanna talk about???

    Littlekitty-Hey polly is online

    GrrandZim-k invite her in!

    Shelby's chat
    GrrandZim just entered the room
    jollypolly just entered the room


    GrrandZim-sorry D:

    Littlekitty-yes sorry

    jollypolly-...........growl, never forgiving u 2!

    jollypolly has left the chat
    chat with GrrandZim??
    yes** no*