• everyone think that dreams never end but they do.

    "they say a girl around the same age as you died in her dreams now she kills people in there dreams but know one knows why or who she had killed but one,she killed a girl also your age in her dreams" sandy a girl who went to the same school as the girl that died becasue of the dream killer,but she never though it was becasue of that ,she thought it was becasue she went missing but know one knows what really happened but one boy who love her and was the only really best friends she had.
    he was not like everyone,he would always have his head in the books or in the sky,but after what happened he lost everything and now he cry in his room trying to forget what happened,but it would not leave him becasue he would dream of her every night.
    "oh come on that not how she died"death said the boy that new what happened
    "then tell me and her what happened"sandy said as he sat down next to the new girl that did not know much about what happened.
    "she was ill and died that what happened"death said
    "but i dont understand how you could say that when you loved her and never talled her"sandy said trying to piss him off.

    death lay on his bed looking at the photo of him and her when they were at her 10th birthday.
    "why did you kill her"death said as a doll from under his bed came out.
    "because then you would never love me"she said sitting in front of him.
    "aww you fell for her,your heart is so weak"she said trying to hug him but he stopped her and put the doll back in the box and walk out of the house with the doll box in his hand.
    he walked to his friends house which was near school,this doll was nothing but hell and bad luck.

    that night after giving the doll to his friend he fell asleep and agian was dreaming about her but this time she said something.
    "thank you,do me something,go out side and wait there for me,oh one last thing i love you" she said
    he woke up and ran down to the front door and looked out side to see her standing there smileing like she did when she was with him.
    "i thought you were dead,nighmare"death said
    "well she killed my sister that day,i guess i got luck and she got the wrong person"nightmare said as death hugged her.

    and so they live happly ever after and the doll was lost for ever and never did she kill again or did she know one knows