• 06/21/10 - Domino City

    The streets of Domino city were packed. Summertime had rolled around, and everyone was ready to hit the beach. Stores became sold out on bathing suits, towels, and snorkles, just to name a few. The large, silver city was booming in excitment, for Mokuba Kaiba, a multi-millionare whos brother, Seto Kabia, was the second-best duelist in the world, had opened a new beach, in which no one knew was there. It was hidden behind the many large silver buildings, consisting of large companies, famous stores, and condos, which were owned by only the richest of the rich. Seto Kaiba had been murdered four years before by an unknown assassin; police were still on the case. His three legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragons were locked away, hidden, and were never to be touched again, and they havnt, as that even Mokuba does not know where they are hidden.

    One boy though, is exeptionally excited this summer, as that the Yearly Duel Monsters compition was to start. Even though he never played Duel Monsters, he always loved to watch top duelists, like Yugi Motou and Joey Wheeler, battle it out using their amazing decks. His name was Mikoto Ite.

    Mikoto was born June 21st, 1996. He had always been interested with Duel Monsters his whole life; he new all the strategys, the cards, everything. The only weird thing was that he never dueled, but only speculated them. He did not own any cards, as that his family could not afford them. He once went to school, but was made fun of, as that Mikoto was always talking to himself, and he had no friends. Mikoto as a child would always say that he wasnt talking to himself, but the voice he heard inside his head. He said it was a majestic voice. The voice of an angel mixed with the voice of a warrior, "a gladiator" Mikoto would say. He was soon expelled from school, and was then onward homeschooled. Mikoto though
    , as he grew, had heard less and less of the voice, and once he was 13, he stopped hearing the voice completly He was a brilliant boy, and very handsome too. He had crazy hair, with bed-head spikes and red highlights. Amazingly, it was all natural. He had beautiful black eyes, and a smooth beautiful face. He was very tall, the size of his father, who was very tall. Mikoto Ite, even through all of his struggles, was surprisingly a very kind and heartwarming kid, and if only he would speak out more, maybe he would have a better life. Maybe if just dueled his favourite game...

    Sun was shining through the grim windows in Mikotos small room. The boy opened his eyes and smiled. He was 16, and he wasnt expecting a thing. He knew his mother and father were trying thier hardest to make money, but it was never enough. Mikoto looked around his room. It only consisted a bed, a hanger on the tight wall, and a bookshelf, barely containing any books. Mikoto sighed, but then smiled. He was growing up, and soon he would be able to leave his home and make his parents proud, however he would. The 16-year old got out of bed, changed into his regular clothes. He walked out of his small room, into the main room of the house. It acted as a kitchen, dining room, and family room. The small house, placed on the outskirts of Domino City, only had 3 rooms: Mikoto's bedroom, his parent's bedroom, and the main room. At the table in the middle of the room were his mother and father, have one piece of toast each for breakfest.
    "Mornin Sunny ol' pal! How s'it fellin like ter be one of them Sixtween yer olds?"
    Mikoto laughed. His father had the weirdest acent, and he didnt even look like the man to have it. Mikotos father looked somewhat like George Clooney, though he didnt know it. The Ites didnt have a TV, so they really didnt know much about the outside world.
    "Its great dad, and mom, dad! Please dont worry about buying me anything, i really dont need anything."
    "Ah, well -er- thats good, eh? Now w'dont have ter spend me hard earned cash 'ton that pu-!"
    "Katashi! You are such a nut-ball! Of course we're going to buy our little sweetie something, so please just keep your mouth shut!" Mikoto laughed again. He loved it when his parents conversed with each other, even if it was a fight. His mother was very beautiful, somewhat like an angel. She turned around and looked at her son, who just caught his flying piece of burnt toast. She ruffled his hair and smiled. Mikoto smiled back, sat down for breakfest, and ate his toast.

    Later that day, Mikoto left for his daily stroll. Like everyone else, his school had ended, permanently for him. He had this year graduated grade 12 from his home-school, but could not go to college. His parents could not fund it.

    Mikoto walked up the roaky road which lead to the more modern, maybe even futuristic, part of Domino City. He looked up at the regular silver skyscrapers. 'Inside that big gumble is where my real brithday begins' the boy thought. Just being apart of the large gumble of people was a pleasue for Mikoto. He entered through the lage silver gate that lead to Domino City, but found himself in shock. Barely anyone was in the streets. Only a few window-shoppers were out, and that was it. Mikoto ran down the mainstreet. He passed the local card shop, and it was mostly empty, exept for the store owner and two little kids pointing to cards in a large glass case. Mikoto kept on running, turned the corner and smiled. Of course everything had suddenly stopped, Duel Monsters had conquered the streets!.

    To Be Continued...