• Pain. That is all that surged through my body everything else was dead. There was a teenage boy, about five feet from me, shouting at me his face being the stone for a waterfall of blood. He was shouting but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Who was he? Behind him laid a body. Another teenage boy, but he was not breathing so that means that he had kicked the can.
    The body was surrounded by a puddle of blood. I noticed the maroon coloring of the liquid getting darker, by the enclosed area we were in. The boy's stomach was ripped open, and from where I was sitting his left arm was detached from his body. I tried to speak but no words came form my mouth. Not a sound. The pain came again and I looked down.
    Blood ran down my cloths and soaked it through, and a dagger was being held into my skin and was held by a hand that was familiar to me. The hand to my brother Drake. I looked up and saw his devilish smile, wide across his face.
    Everything went black, and I opened my eyes to the cave roof above me. "The same dream, but what does it mean?" I whispered to the unknown.
    I pulled the covers off of me, and sat on the edge of my bed, stuck in thought. I closed my eyes and reached blindly for the remote next to my bedside, and hit the power button and heard the beat of the music come from my stereo. I sat there a little longer as if the world around me never existed. "Blood! Today is the day we attack! I would get ready, and eat fast!" a small voice came from the doorway.
    I looked up to see the smiling face of my little brother Tommy, not far from me in age though. I aged slower than a normal person and no one, but my teacher knew why. I looked past Tommy's smile and saw the true sadness that was hidden behind it. His red hair had gotten so dark since he was a baby. The sadness had lessened over the years from our parents deaths.
    Those monstrous vampires killed them and I swore to kill them in revenge. That was what I was trained for. I shooed Tommy away and walked to my dresser letting the music move my body for me. I put on my black tank top slowly and over that my black long sleeve shirt. I put my leather jacket on over that, and started putting on my black jeans and tucked them tightly into my combat boots. I grabbed the knife from my nightstand and put it in its home on the side of my leg.
    I grabbed the arrows from the top of my dresser and put them in the pouch next to my knife, and grabbed the arrow gun sash, which held my arrow gun, and slid it over my chest and back, and put my arrow gun in its place.
    I sighed and walked toward the opening of my cellar, my door, and grabbed the headphones that were hanging by the opening on a nail and hooked them up to my Ipod in my left pocket and hung them around my neck and blasted the music. I wiped my natural red and black hair out my eyes, and started whispering to myself again. "Today is the day I seek revenge...the day the hunters overrule the vampires"
    With that I stepped out of the cellar.
    "Hey Blood, sleep well?" my teacher, Gunnen, asked me looking up.
    Gunnen was a muscular man middle age man, and he only had one eye. He lost the other eye at my age to a vampire ambush, now it was just a stitched together flesh. The scars around his face helped it not stick out. When he stood up fully he was at least six feet tall, he was like a second father to me.
    Sitting next to him was Tommy, dressed in the same uniform as me, as very one else in the hunters did. "Yeah, same old same old" I replied putting some food on my plate. I started to pick at my food. "So when are we leaving Gunnen?" I questioned my teacher without looking up.
    "Soon Blood soon, just cool you jets." he reassured me.
    As time pasted we chatted about the attack plan, and the mess we were going to make of the vampires till there was none standing any longer. It was time. We walked out of our hideout only leaving a few teachers and their students there in cave we come back with less than we had when we left. We walked to the enemies hide out, knowing what hides behind their base walls.
    My first time actually seeing the vampire hideout, it looked like it was touching the sky. It was a cave with tunnels; it was a mountain or hill that was operated by tunnels on the inside. A sharp pain hit my lung when we got closer. It was coming form my scar but I ignored it. The battle cries started form both sides. The vampires. "Tommy hide! Your here for medical! Hide now let us fight!" I ordered yelling behind me.
    I heard him scurry away into the forest we had just come out of. The pain got sharper as it always did when vampires came near, but this time it was on my hand where my birthmark sat. It burned like my hand was being burned. I put my headphones on my ears, and over that my hood to cover my face. "You’re unbelievable" was the only words the singer got out before I killed my first vampire of this battle with an arrow to the head.
    A devilish smile ran across my face. "One down hundreds to go" I chuckled.
    It was a blood bath, dead bodies everywhere you walked. Hunters and vampires. "So what you listening to?" a voice asked behind me.
    "You’re too old to know the band Thousand Foot Krutch" I answered turning to face the vampire, and my breath stopped in my throat. It was him. The boy from my dream. "No I believe I am not that old" he chuckled.
    My hand started to burn faster, and my other hand automatically took it in it as if trying to comfort it. "Your voice sounds familiar but I can’t put my finger on where it is familiar from" he said as if he were talking to me and himself.
    His face was different from my dream; a long scar ran from his face from his forehead to the side of my lip. His hair was spiked not down like it had been in my dream. I tried to walk but my legs were glued to the spot they stood in, refusing to move. "Oh well" he finally concluded to himself, he shrugged and disappeared.
    Shoot! I thought to myself I knew what he was going to do. Blackness over came my vision, and the battle became a blur and than everyone was gone.
    I felt cold hands grabbed my arms and at them behind me, I opened my eyes without a second thought. I looked to my left and than my right, they had me. The one of my left was carrying another body, I looked at it more clearly. Tommy! If we get back he will be hated for begin a fool and jumping into battle. Memories rushed through my head of my training for twenty years, and I still looked like an eighteen year old. The hunters were not light on training it was pain non-stop till the pain was so great you didn’t feel it all, they torture and scare you, than they expect you win a fight when you’re so full of fear.
    My training kicked in and I fought against the hands holding me against my will. It was useless. I just looked at the ground and listened to the music blasting into my ears, and let tears fall knowing this was my last moments seeing my daylight, and life itself.

    I was taken into what looked like a room, of granite. I wasn’t just talking about the vampires sitting and watching me. But everything looked like granite, but it also looked like a Greek coliseum. In front of me stood two chairs that looked like thrones made of stone, and two creatures sat in those thrones. One was tall and thin not muscula, but his eyes were fierce. His hair was the color of night, and his eyes were a bright green. The one sitting next to him was a burly man. He has messy dirty blonde hair, and he was probably the palest vampire I had seen I my life. His eyes glowed a faded blue.
    The two vampires that held Tommy and me hostage, stopped a few feet from the two vampires in the throne, each looking bored. They both stared at me mostly with hatred guessing I am the oldest of Tommy and me. I stared back with the same hatred. "You with the hood covering your face, tell us your name and remove your hood" the vampire with the green eyes commanded me.
    "I will not remove my hood and my name is Blood" I spat back with venom in my tone.
    "Remove you hood or we shall kill the boy" he snapped his fingers and a knife appeared next to Tommy's throat. "Don't harm him! He is all I have left of family!" I pleaded for Tommy's life.
    "Such a sad story, now remove your hood or shall I killed the boy?"
    "I will remove my hood just don’t harm him," I followed his orders and removed my hood, I stared at the vampire in hatred "there I have removed my hood now let him go!"
    The vampire stared at me as did every vampire with amazement, the vampire next to me on my right, the boy from my dream, start to let tears fall. Than the whispering started. I heard all of it from around the room. "It’s her!", "She's not dead, but why did she change sides?", or "I don't know but Tay is back!"
    Tay, my old name I hated it. It reminded me of the past. My hand burned more and more as I hear my name begin said. "Tay, don't you remember me? It's me Matthew" the vampire to my right asked with more tears falling.
    "I don’t even no you, you monster!" I replied to his question again with venom in my voice.
    "Tay! Your one of us!"
    "My name is not Tay!"
    He cut my arm and sniffed my blood flowing down from my arm, than he laid his hand on the cut, and I felt a warm feeling and his hand glowed blue. He lifted his hand from the cut and it was gone. He let go of my arm and ran to the vampires in the thrones. They started whispering to each other. I only got a little of what they were saying. "Her blood has only a little of ours left, she must have lost her memory, maybe if we change her again she will remember again" the vampire named Matthew told the other two vampires.
    "Yes, we will change her again and see if she remembers" both of the other vampires agreed.
    The vampire with the green eyes nodded his head to the vampire holding me. "You will change her Matthew" the vampire ordered, and a series of cheering came form the vampires in the seats around the room.
    "You heard him Vlad, take her to the altar I will be there in a few minutes, this is going to be private just the elders, me, and the two leaders. Hold her there until I arrive, and bring the boy we will change him as well." Matthew ordered the vampire holding me.
    As I was dragged to the "altar" I started kicking and screaming like a child being taken out of a toy store. I yelled as I left the coliseum "I WILL NOT BECOME A PART OF YOU FLITHY PEOPLE!"
    The vampire Matthew waved at me as I disappeared down the tunnel to be changed to my new future, I had already lived once.