• Chapter One: Away from Captivity

    My horse galloped swiftly away from the place that had held me captive for so long. I gazed down upon my scars and wounds that covered half of my body. Only one thought prowled its way into my head. Run. I had to leave the camp of my enemy, the ones who hated my kindred so. Treating a princess as they treated me? They haven't any pride.

    My heart had pounded that day on which I was captured, swept out of my cozy bedding. I felt as if my life were draining, as if not even my prince could save me. But here I am, having escaped everything I feared.

    The hunters regard us Draigions with such, such cruelty, I fear that we may never again reach peace. My hope is not all lost, for there is the possibility that the numbers of Draigions haven't decreased too much since my kidnapping.

    I diverted my gaze to the heavens, where a lone silver Draigion was making her flight. My aching back gave way to my wings as my head lengthened. My Dragon form was the only way to signal help. The silver Draigion slowly lowered her flight, and approached me. Swiftly, she turned humanoid, and I saw she was young, only eight or nine. Her blue eyes reassured me that she was a healer through and through. A swift mild tone rang from her through.

    "Is this true? Is it you?" She wrapped her fingers around my golden blonde hair, and I suddenly came to realization of who it was.

    "Yes, Eloise, it is I." I spoke, hushed, in my truely soft tone.

    "You have escaped then. I knew you would. Allow me to usher you to the hiding place of the gold Draigions." Eloise's silver hair shook as she changed, and allowed me on.

    "What has happened since I was taken?"

    Chapter Two: Hidden Draigions

    "As I said, the gold Draigions, such as your parents, have been forced into hiding. The blue Draigions of the waters have fleeted to red Draigion territory, where they have been welcomed by the normally lone, valcano dwelling, red Draigion tribe. Few silver Draigions, such as I, are still living after the attack upon the sacred relic in which we lived. A single one for each of the other six tribes, me being for the gold." Eloise's eyes teared, making it obvious that her parents were among the seventy or so silver Draigions dead. "No deaths outside of silver Draigions, exept for a few hostages."

    I kept my voice steady. "Then we should be going now to the gold Draigions. The hunters' plains have no more hiding places." The flush of yellows and greens around me felt so welcoming, and yet, they were the exact things that dangered our race. The hunters knew my face now. There was nothing left to do but fight. And fight we shall.

    Eloise reformed into her dragon form, bending to allow me on. We rose, lifting around one hundred feet into the air before a hunter pointed us out. Eloise's flight hurried, as we headed for the Sholount woods, where the hidden palace of the gold Draigions resided.

    One arrow flew up at us, followed by another after another. Several hunters now ran below us, a few upon galloping horses. I felt my heart ticking faster, along with Eloise's. A whisper threaded through the air, and Eloise slowed her movement. A purple Draigion appeared before us.

    "My princess." The whisper threaded again as time stopped for the hunters below us. They were still as Eloise, the purple Draigion, and I continued our path to the Sholount woods.

    Chapter 3: The Sholount Woods

    I looked now to my side where the purple Draigion flew. I spoke quietly, as to not break the spell prematurely. "Jamine? Is that you?"

    The purple Draigion nodded, too concentrated to speak. Eloise spoke instead, with a more explanitory tone than before. "Jamine saw your escape, and I set out right away, while she stayed behind for a short amount of time to prepare your living quarters." Again Jamine nodded, reassuringly.

    I felt a tiny tinging, a sign of the end of the spell. "We should hurry." I said, rushing through my sentence. I finished just as a single arrow flew by Eloise's side. Quickly, we dove into the Sholount Woods, and Eloise and Jamine changed, as we would have to go on foot for this portion of the journey.

    We walked for several hours through the hard soil area of the forest, finally reaching the swampy area. This time I was able to change to my true form without much fuss, and we flew on towards the castle. This was the last leg, and had to be done precisly, or else we would have to back-track a four hour journey. We were lucky, and made it to the castle. Much to my surprise, several purple Draigions other than Jamine were residing in the caves on the boundary of the hidden utopia.

    Purple Draigions normally lived in mountainous caves, far away from others. Jamine was the lone adviser to the golden Draigions, the only psychic Draigion that was expected to live outside the mountain ranges.

    When we landed, I actually noticed that Jamine's long, purple hair was in a braid, something she only did when nothing was right. I looked on, and saw several extra green Draigions caring for the lawns. A few orange Draigions, who never left the savannahs, were making hills to act as fortesses around the castle. Three other silver Draigions were tending to wounds, and Eloise looked worried. I looked closer to see that they truely were youngbloods, with about five years of age.

    "I was the oldest who survived." Eloise said, watching them proceed. One was in the act of trying to revive an elderly, and Eloise ran over. "Go on ahead, Jamine. Take her to the castle."

    Jamine said nothing, and led me towards the castle. I looked curiously around, wondering why my name was not being said.

    Chapter 4: The True Nature of the Situation

    We stepped into the castle, and Jamine took me to the side. "They've got a trace on your name..." Jamine whispered, looking me in the eye. "The red Draigions are the only ones who haven't been affected by the hunters. The rest of the homes of Draigions have been either captured or destroyed. The caves, the sea, the caverns, the grasslands. All captured. We still outnumber the hunters 2:1 with half of the population here, and the other half in red Draigion territory. We still have a chance..." She muttered slightly, pulling out a purple jewel.

    I gazed at the jewel, as only she or I could. It was different than other jewels, but it looked like a perfectly ordinary jewel. I placed it upon the golden chain around my neck, and was uplifted. My dirty nightgown became an extravagent armer, revealing my true feelings. I now looked like a warrior princess, with a stylish ring mail dress over nearly inpenetreble undergarments. Down from my crown rained translucent shelding, and I was ready. Jamine looked me over and smiled.

    "Just like old times." She said, grinning.

    "Just like old times." I confirmed, my grin becoming wiider by the second. "Now let us see my court."

    "Follow me." Jamine led me through winding passage ways, each with their one security measures, and I realize the true nature of our situation. This was war...and we were losing.

    We came up to a door, around ten feet tall, and stopped. Jamine looked carefully around, and I heard a crack of footstep. She pulled me aside again, and we hid behind a pillar as a hunter walked past. They had followed us into the woods.

    Chapter 5: Under Siege

    My heart-beat was skipping as the hunter opened the court doors. I heard a shriek, and watched as several more hunters came in, carrying bags. One came out, with a full bag. I could barely make out the shape of a fellow Draigion. Jamine grabbed me, and we started to run.

    "Over there!" The harsh voice of a hunter yelled. "The princess!! We can't let her escape!"

    We sped up, and transformed. The speed of flight would be fast enough to carry us away.

    As we exited the castle, several Draigions who had escaped notice changed to fly with us. All of the silver Draigions were flying behind us, along with several orange, purple, and green Draigions.