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  • Artist Info: Hey Panda here just telling you about myself. I like everything from sports to video games, sometimes I can be a tomboy but that's good sometimes and comes in handy. I like BasketBall and I'm pretty good I was born to win lol. My friends mean everything to me on Gaia and in my life. I like a lot of crap so be glad you added me and message me or you will be forgotten!!!! <br />
    <br />
    Ok the favorites time.<br />
    Favorite Color: Purple fave for like ever. <br />
    Favorite Foods: Steak and Salads<br />
    Favorite Sites: Gaia, TeenNick, Meez, and YouTube (I'm at all of them right now)<br />
    Favorite Sports: Basketball, Football, and Running (It's fast)<br />
    Dream Jobs: Vet and Writer.<br />
    Status: Brian........ Kinda Single but Not
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