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  • Artist Info: HIIIIIIIIIII and hello<br />
    This is a little window into my world. ^^<br />
    I love to role-play and read manga. Of course, I have to have pocky to eat when I watch anime. Mmmm, pocky...... Oops sorry drift off for a second, lol. I don't have to tell you my name, if I have been role-playing with for a while you already know it. ^^ I have a weird sense of humor, trust my friends on this. <br />
    I love to play games, on the systems not in real life. <br />
    Humm, anything you want to know just ask me ok?!<br />
    *update* so after a brief LOA i came back to see if gaia had change at all<br />
    Now these characters below are some of the ones I play from time to time.
    <br />
    Age:521 looks 21<br />
    Race:Hellspawn Dragon <br />
    My Daughter:Twilight<br />
    My Son:Snow<br />
    My other Rpc<br />
    Apperance:Icy Winters<br />
    Apperance:Shard Farie<br />
    Apperance:Lil Dragon<br />
    <br />
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