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  • Artist Info: Hey! I'm Rain welcome to my profile!<br />
    You wanna know a little about me? Well, Here.We.Go<br />
    I love Oreo's! My favorite color is Green. Orange is my second favorite, then Yellow, Blue or Purple depending on the day.<br />
    My two favorite bands are Coldplay And Paramore. Again, which one I like more depends on the day, or which one I'm listening to at the moment. I &lt;3 Cranberry gingerale! I also love video games.<br />
    My favorite's our Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Out of the Final Fantasies I like XII and III the most. I don't get why most people hate them. *Laughs* House is my favorite show. You gotta love Dr. Chase! I've recently discovered I actually like reading, wow! I like Gregory Maguire's book's. They give you a diffrent look at fairytale's and make you wonder, " Who's really the villian?" I'm also Team Jacob, don't shoot!! Haha! I don't like local pizzeria's because they always suck! I don't care what area it is, they're all nasty! <br />
    <br />
    Well there's me!
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