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  • Artist Info: Well razz Not much to say really because I know most aren't interested xD Well, I'm a creative guy who enjoys very much so ^ ^ I enjoy creative writing and gaming on a pretty close level razz Well, my name is Ollie and I'm 18. Been here since 2007 and I find it's a great escapism :3 I'm commend myself on being a layer maniac ^ ^ hehe. I'm quite good when it comes to mixing item up to create new styles (For example, the cheaper item often overlap one another so why not experiment?), helms, armour and general bits and bob can be merged to created something rather cool... And for a must cheaper prices wink If you have any questions or If you want some advice or anything on those lines, please don't hesitate to ask because at the end of the day, Englishmen are polite ;P<br />
    Ollie A.K.A: Dragonmare92
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