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    Total Value: 483,329 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    Hermes' Moon 2nd gen<br />
    Hermes' Moon 5th gen<br />
    Mythic Hair<br />
    Frostbite Blade<br />
    Gills<br />
    Black Wulf Boots<br />
    Were Claws<br />
    Mami Top<br />
    Dead Sexy Midnight Trousers<br />
    Lunar Cloak<br />
    Mythrill Armor<br />
    Mythrill Armor<br />
    Mythrill Armor<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Once in a land far from our time, there was a lowly wolf named Rune.He took pleasure in torturing those who came across him, especially in the winter time where the snow makes the forest glisten and shine with beauty.<br />
    On one of the days like this, Rune fell upon an unsuspecting victim.The victim was a hooded and cloaked human walking fast and hasty. Now, Rune was not the brightest bunch nor the most wise, But he was the most vicious and bloodthirsty.Most animals like Rune could think and speak because they were born into a woods of ancient magic that not known to any creature, allowing Rune and other animals to speak. He figured this human would be an easy target to please his appetite for murder, for the only humans he ever saw were drunken villagers and desperate merchants seeking for rare objects of magic blindly through the woods. <br />
    <br />
    This human however, was different.Carelessly,Rune lunged at him with a bloodthirsty look in his eyes.The human saw this attack and threw back his hood to reveal an old mans face with lines of age on it and a tattoo of a blood crescent moon. Rune had landed on him and bit his arm,drawing out blood. The mans face turned from curiosity to anger and rage. The man shouted a word rune did not understand and suddenly, Rune was flying off of the man and into a tree. He got up, then ran toward the man. The man thrust ed his hand forward and shouted another unknown word. Rune froze on the spot, hair standing on end. He spoke,"What is this?!?Why can't I move?!?"The man laughed maniacally and said, "Ha, did you think you could just simply kill me and leave alive?Me, the oldest and most powerful necromancer alive?" Then Rune finally understood, he was a magic user! Rune had heard stories but never believed that one could harness magic.The only magic he knew was from the ancient woods he lived in. He knew well the reputation for necromancers. They were evil wizards who used blood,the souls of the deceased, and their corpses to cast spells and vanquish their victims. They did not have a reputation for being merciful, kind,or sane.<br />
    <br />
    The necromancer rubbed his fingers in his blood and started muttering words under his breath at the still frozen Rune. The blood, turned black as Rune began to change, all the while feel agonizing pain, as if a thousand dull weapons pierced his body at once. His body shifted to a human shape, though not turning him completely human.His hands were twisted, they could grab like a humans, but were sharp and thick.Those and his feet remained non-human, which his feet looked the same, but he could walk upright. <br />
    <br />
    Pain still in his body, Rune now lay helpless on the chilling snow fallen ground. The man spoke once more, "This curse is eternally bound to you.Within seven days you shall die, taking your pain with you in the afterlife with no relief.If I am around here on this day, I shall take your soul and use it for myself to be eternally young as I have done for hundreds of centuries. This is your amusing punishment for toying with me, Ebsile, king of necromancers!"And with that he left, cackling all the way out of sight. Rune lay there still, cold shivering, and unconscious. A head of another hooded figure poked out from behind a tree, this time of gold and blue cloth on his robe. This person, knowing that Ebsile was gone, worked quickly to save rune. Picking him up, they went off into the distance.<br />
    <br />
    When Rune awoke,(with the most massive of headaches ever) he found himself in a sunlit room next to an old man. "Where am I?"The old man responded softly to his question,"You are safe, inside the holy temple of the Warriors Of Light, no less."<br />
    "Never heard of it."<br />
    "There are few who have, and we like to keep it that way"replied the man. "I am Damian Ashaun, head of this place of safety. Who are you?"<br />
    "Rune."<br />
    "That's it, just Rune?"<br />
    "We animals only have one name for we do not live as long as you or the trees in our forest. How is my pain gone?" he asked quickly<br />
    "I lifted part of the spell that causes death and pain so long as you do no evil.I'm sorry, but I cannot lift your deformity caused by it, Only the one who casted such dark evil can undo it."<br />
    <br />
    Years passed since that day, and since then Rune became kinder over the years.One day Rune was ready to take the vow of heroism. This is when ones great deeds are known throughout that they receive this vow. Once the vow is recited, a life-long spell is placed upon they person, this spell shows the person's true nature in the form of a tattoo or some small change on the body,each differing from person to person. Rune however, was unlike any other person. For he sprouted beautiful white feathered wings and hair white as soft snow.<br />
    <br />
    Upon hearing this, Damian and the other elders knew that he was the one to take down the increasingly choking Ebsile.They agreed to send him on a journey to find the sought after sword and armor called :The Star Of Heaven and<br />
    The Armor Of Virtue:Rune later found these useful Items of legend in the area he recognized as his old woods, where the animals could talk. The sword had magic beyond any, it flowed throughout the forest casing this. The sword was stabbed into the snow with the armor around it.In this snow field under the stars, was a tablet in front of the items, it read:<br />
    <br />
    : Only the one who has wings of beauty and pure kindness in his heart could see this weapon,touch it,or hear it's call.<br />
    The armor could not be felt by one of evil and remained silent these items till now.<br />
    <br />
    Use them only for the purpose of good, and they will never let you down. :<br />
    <br />
    Once Rune had these items, he set off to find Ebsile.When found Ebsile was wearing dark armor and an evil black blade with blood jewels.They lunged at each other with all their power. When their blades met, Rune and Ebsile disappeared <br />
    in a flash of blinding light and dark. <br />
    <br />
    It is said that they still fight one another in a realm where age does not exist, and that the winner of the fight will once again walk the earth, deciding the fate of the world in the end.<br />
    <br />
    100 YEARS AGO: A blinding flash of light in purest form spread out into the horizon, from that rune flew out. His wings grown full from the battle that lasted a thousand years, he was rewarded with the gift of flight. Rune, now mortal and whole once more, remembered what happened. He won, and his rewards were his immortal pet, to be passed on to his descendants. His other reward, was told to him by a great voice, he was to find one to be with the rest of his life, a companion, someone like him....<br />
    Ebsile's sword now a scythe turned into it when he was dead, It was what kept him immortal before he met rune, It was death's scythe orginaly before Ebsile stole it and changed i<br />
    He carries the scythe to make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands, when he dies, it will disappear..... forever.<br />
    .........................................................................................................................................................................................<br />
    Rune's eldest son sat next to his dying father in the middle of a snow field, saying his final good byes. Rune was lying down in the snow, telling all his children he loved them. “Damian, come closer..” Rune's eldest drew closer to his father's head,”The Scythe of Evil can only be suppressed by you, also take the Armor of Virtue and Star of Heaven.” He said weakly. Damian sobbed his words, “Yes, f-father I-I will...” Rune, satisfied with his sons answer and the life<br />
    he had, stared at the snowing sky and whispered his last words, “Here I come...my love” Then died. Damian stood up, knowing this day to come. <br />
    “ What do we do now Damian?” asked the second eldest brother. He answered by simply saying“We live our lives, and make the right choices like he told us to do.” Damian looked at his fathers body. His wings covered up most of his aged self, looking ever so peaceful with his smile on his face. "I will miss you...Father." Damian thought back to the days he spent with his father. So peaceful, so much joy, now gone...left with his father. Even after they lost their mother to an illness, Rune had remained strong for his children. Now that he was gone, Damian respected his father's wishes. Damian however is afraid of what is to come, for if the evil scythe has not disappeared, then that can only be bad....
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