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    [[ this is me ]]<br />
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    [[ facts ]]<br />
    well hello there. my names kait. im 18 years young. i absolutely love drawing and photography. i hope to someday go to japan to follow my dreams of being either a fashion designer, model, or art director for photography shoots. im one of those girls who would rather spend her lunch time in the library rather than in the noisy lunchroom. i dont really like going out either. i prefer to stay home and just watch a movie or get on the internet. im typically quite and i usually keep to myself. but when im with my friends im pretty wild. im also a pretty friendly person so dont be afraid to talk to me. i guess thats all for now, im too lazy to type anything else.<br />
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    [[ likes ]]<br />
    visual kei. oshare kei. decora. ai yazawa. naoto hirooka. simone legno. japanese fashion magazienes. the office. imvu. myspace. sleeping. shopping. junk food. sanrio. butterflies. reading. writing. dancing. playing cards. rainbows. south park. my friends. kat von d. brandi c. purikura. make up. japanese theater. movies. tim burton. animal prints. whose line is it anyway. tye dye. glowsticks. photography. art. drama. band of brothers. swimming. cute things. farpop.com. hot topic. five below. tattoos. piercings. video games. nail polish. andy warhol. doug jones. josh blue.<br />
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    [[ dislikes ]]<br />
    deathnote. naruto. annoying people. extremely noisy flip-flops. when my radio doesn't work. people who overuse "LOL" and "OMG". mean people. animal abuse. liars. people who cuss WAY too much. people who freak if they don't get straight A's. people who show off. people who refuse to wear something if its not name brand. people who make fun of others to please themselves. abortion. close-minded people. twilight. miley cyrus. high school musical. most people at school. valentines day.<br />
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    [[ the rules ]]<br />
    do not add me just so you can have lots of friends or just because you think im cute, its stupid and childish. do not message / im / comment me asking me to talk about sex or to cyber with you, its disgusting. please use grammar when you speak to me. do not message / im / comment me with just a smiley, i find it very annoying and i wont reply. please have something interesting to talk about when you message / im / comment me, im tired of the generic "whats up??". do not message / im / comment me asking me to comment all of your pictures and rate you as a ten, i will laugh at you. please do not comment all of my pictures asking for pc4pc, i will most likely not do it. do not ask me for nude pictures, its not going to happen. do not ask for my number, i wont give it to you. do not tell me you love me or that you think im cute or beautiful or things like that, i know youre lying. <br />
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    [[ other places to find me ]]<br />
    myyearbooklivejournalvampirefreaksmyspaceimvudeviantart<br />
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    [[ from the lovely toshiya gahurk &lt;3 ]]<br />
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