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    <br />
    Me<br />
    Name : Elizabeth, But call me,Izzy<br />
    Age: 27<br />
    Birthday November 18<br />
    From Town : Miami Florida <br />
    Sexuality: A proud PanSexual<br />
    Relationship status: Married (Since June 9, 2013)/Open Marriage<br />
    School: Graduating high school Class of 2012.<br />
    I got my AA in Aug of 2017.<br />
    I used to volunteer with a non-kill animal program. Did that for 4 years.<br />
    Favorite Color : Red<br />
    I suffer form Major Depression even when things are going good.<br />
    Parental Status : One child <br />
    Gaia Actives: Zomg, GSW, GSWAP. These are relics of my gaia past. I mostly lurk and play with my pixles.<br />
    Real Life Activities: Reading , Writing, listening to music<br />
    Addicted to - Sugar, Books, andpixels. ( I dont read enough anymore crying )<br />
    Music - Rock, Metal, Indie and Country, some Rap, and Hip Hop here and there it depends on the song. I listen to a little bit of everything. <br />
    [ - Side notes I love to meet and talk to new people. I Not afraid to tell people off. I can be the nicest person you every met or the worse your choice. I can be perverted. I'm usually very quite though my friends can an will tell you other wise. I'm random. I don't care if I'm liked hated or what. I have something to say I will say it.- <br />
    I aslo Suffer form serve obsession with :<br />
    BBC Sherlock (I just Want Ben yes?)<br />
    Outlander Books and show<br />
    Doctor Who (Both Classic and Reboot)<br />
    Supernatural (I ship Destiel) <br />
    Once Upon A Time (My Ships are all screwed up here.)<br />
    Marvel - Avengers, Thor, and Captain America mostly<br />
    Harry Potter (Its old and what)<br />
    Bones<br />
    Sleepy Hollow &lt;Tv and Johnny Depp movie)<br />
    Tim Burton Movies<br />
    And soo much more &lt;3
    <br />
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