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  • Artist Info: Well I see you have managed to stumble across my homepage...<br />
    I've just graduated high school and I'm off to college!!!! Hopefully, but that's a situation to complicated to explain...<br />
    I wish I could just leave some days though. The typical dysfunctional family is starting to piss me off. Especially when I'm an only child and whenever something bad happens they know you did it. Or they take out their frustrations on you. Not talking about abuse or anything here but you know, typical family things.<br />
    I guess I'm the artistic person. I can write, sing and draw, hell I was even voted most artistic Senior year. I felt really....I dunno...loved? I didn't even think I was going to win a Senior personality. All the other artistic people have more friends than I do and..."get around more" if that is what people are calling it. I was surprised I got the award in general. When I was younger, I didn't have any friends, or I had one or two and they moved away or abandoned me for the popular crowd. Then a few more in middle school, and in high school I just started making some very close friends across the board. Not a very bad thing for an overweight teenager.<br />
    As a career in the future I'd love to do something with art...or writing, that narrows it down right? DX Well, actually I do have it narrowed down to a few careers.<br />
    All and all, if you think we'd have something in common, go ahead and friend me, but I want to at least know you first or have seen you around once in awhile you know? I don't want to friend any weirdies &lt;3 lol jk....Or....do I? XD<br />
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