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  • Artist Info: heya all!<br />
    The name is elle, don't forget it cause i hate reminding people.<br />
    I'm an art freak, life without art is no life at all, this classes for everyday when it comes to me, but i have no idea how to use the scanner so don't expect much on gaia arenas.<br />
    I am single and bi but i do prefer boys wink I live on a farm so I'm used to hard work and I am an ameteur writer so I use fanfic alot, my fanfic account is 'my-blue-eyes-can-cry' if you wanna check out my story 'a bloodlust for magic'.<br />
    I'm pretty friendly and I rarely get mad, people call it tolerant I guess and I am kind of random.<br />
    I love animes and mangas, I collect avatar the last airbender and chobits and I can't wait to grab some more!<br />
    if you like what you see add me, I'm guessing you do like what you see seeing you've read this far, have you got nothing better to do? meh. Talk to you later then!<br />
    Elle (false accusation!)
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