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  • Artist Info: PUBLIC VIEW "Hey reader! You've entered the profile of Kiko Shinigami but i go by the name of Kiko. Several things i think you should know about me is that I'm for sure STRAIGHT. I'm very talkative and super loud when I need attention. I'm an active chick and love to play sports(I own soccer)! I'm a bit of a tom boy but usually like to act like a girly bitch. I hate popular jocks and gals because they're your stereo typical barbie dolls who have no life and bully others just to make them feel better about them selves. I usually don't judge people unless i spend one second with them and i can put a title on their forehead. I love school, so i guess that counts me as a nerd. Family and friends are and forever will be my first priority. I'm loving life and will enjoy every minute of it. So if you got any questions hit me up!<br />
    FRIENDS "Hey friends, whats up?! To all of u readin this, i just want u guys to know that i could have never made it this far wit out u. I luv u all so much n i hope that our friendships will last till the end of time. I feel that time is flying by so fast, i mean it's like one second I'm laughing wit u at the mall n the next we're sleeping in class when the teacher is giving us a lecture. Luv u peeps!<br />
    L8Rs... xoxo &lt;3 Nicki smile
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