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  • Artist Info: Hello!<br />
    <br />
    Welcome on my profile and the section About Me:<br />
    Well I live in the Netherlands and besides the weather I like everything here! I have a very cool cat named Joepie and I live with 7 other students in a dorm. Im studying History of Art but i hope to change to Conservation and Restauration soon =)<br />
    I love to draw, I cant stop drawing >.<, so before leaving check out my DArt page! I like manga but im also a big Numb3rs fan! I love to watch Merlin and The Vampire Diaries.<br />
    Besides my desk wich is pretty much occupied with my drawing stuff I have two large bookshelfs with books! Yes i LOVE books, if they smell old and are really dusty i love them even more. My favorite books are english classics like the stories by Jane Austen and Emily Brönte!<br />
    Well if you like to know more about me send me a PM or something like that!<br />
    And i want to be friends with everybody so you send me a FR if you want =)<br />
    <br />
    Hope to see you around!<br />
    Xxx Shoyra
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