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    you can call me kiwi or sapphire. <br />
    i`ve made a bit of a come back here, so i`ll update this a bit<br />
    - foods i like: fruit, chocolate, sweet stuff, apples & cheese<br />
    - i prefer female pronouns, but you can call me by whatever makes you feel comfortable.<br />
    - i`m mostly asexual/greysexual.<br />
    - fandom wise: i`m a mixed bag really, Pokemon being my bread and butter.<br />
    - i draw, a lot. bribe-shop freebies<br />
    - i do have a job outside of this site, so don`t expect me to be here 24/7.<br />
    not trying to be rude, just being honest.<br />
    - i`d like to think i`m a nice person, just a bit hard to approach. sorry about that;;;<br />
    anything else you wanna know ? PM me &lt;3<br />
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