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  • Artist Info: Wai hullo thar! =D<br />
    I'm Katelyn and i'm 17. Some people call me Kat, Kay, Kate, or Kitty. <br />
    Hmm about me... well i love music. I listen to heavy metal, death metal, metal, electronic, alternative, and techno. I know, odd combo huh? haha :] I also love playing videogames. O_O I don't think the world would be right without them D: I have an xbox 360, Nintendo entertainment system, and lol a Dream Cast. I love to skateboard. I've been skating since 07', but towards the end of 08' i got more serious with learning tricks and stuff. I'm not really that good yet, but i'm working on it. I learn on my own off of internet tutorials, so it takes me some time to perfect tricks since i have no one to help me. I has an adorable bunny named Cinnamon, whom i love <3 She's so cute :'D I don't like the wind or the rain. I like the sound of the rain, but i don't like getting wet in it D; I love my seasons. I would not like living in a place where there are no changes in season. I do prefer cold/mild temperatures over hot temps though. You will find me wearing bright colors and bright jewlery. I like dark colors too, but usually when i wear dark clothes, i pair them with some things that are bright. :] I like fun and out of the ordinary stuff. My favorite holiday would have to be Haloween and then April fools day. 1. you get free candy on haloween and you get to dress up in fun costumes. 2. april fools day is awesome cuz i can play pranks on people. i usually extend april fools day to being the whole month of april though... MUWAHAHAHA!! >=D lolol. Lets see what else what else...well i like hanging out with my friends and whatnot and i love drawing. I mostly draw chibi art. I like to read and i like taking naps. I play flute in teh concert and marching band at my school and i like playing tennis outside of school. I am easily entertained and i think small things are cute. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID 8D lol, no, I mean i am easily entertained as in bouncing a pen is amusing to me. And i like small things as in i think junior frostys from wendy's are cute. lol. Well that's enough for now. If you wanna get to know me, talk to me. I'm a nice person. :] Oh I also have an account on Menewsha and on Kinsaki as well so if you're on those sites too, then ask me for my username. :] Well ta ta for now! :3 <br />
    <3 cinnabonbunny_tvi <3
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