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    --Kssh, kssh--<br />
    Testing.<br />
    Okey doke.<br />
    HEY PEOPLE <br />
    My name is
    Emma / emmas701. Whichever.<br />
    Age: 15 years young<br />
    Loves: nice people, milk tea, Chinese food, my homicidal kitty, good music, coffee-flavored ice cream, my pillow, & surrealism.<br />
    Hates: schoolwork, super hot days, broken pencils, things with millions of holes, not being able to find anything because my cat/sister ate it, & computers that crash.<br />
    Listens to: The Beatles, Green Day, Queen, Muse, The Strokes, ELO, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, Julian Casablancas, and The Last Shadow Puppets<br />
    Enjoys: drawing semi-realistic not-totally-anime-looking people, going crazy with paints, scaring people with my friends (because we are just too weird to seem normal), & jumping on someone's super-cushy-fluffy-heavenly-soft bed and/or sofa.<br />
    Resides: on a whole other planet.<br />
    Tends to: run into walls, break countless earphones, jump off playground equipment, & sleep on the floor.<br />
    Can: sorta-kinda swim, cross my eyes, speak amateur Chinese (Chinglish?), throw shoes at people, & push large, red buttons labeled "DO NOT PUSH: SELF-DESTRUCT IN 10 SECONDS." <br />
    <br />
    Please don't eat me.
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