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  • Artist Info: hey every1 my names fai_is_sexy but u can call me fai i have a big severe interest in anime such as fullmetal alchemist GO ED um chobits Galaxy angel angelic layer Eureuka 7...... i think thats how you spell it but if its not plz correct me, chrono crusade and heaps more but i cant remember their names oh yeah theirs also fruits basket, i also love reading manga, my favourites are, The Chronical of tsubasa, love hina, negima?!, boy princess..... yes i know that 1 is kinda sus but hey. Junjo romantica although it might seem i luv everything anime or manga, i actually despise some, like, GTO, peach girl...... stupid girl, i also have a few more accounts such as catho3 and Cathamo, anyway if any1 has a spare celestial wrap that there willing to give away i will take it, anyway i will also like these things..... there kinda expensive but hey i really want them i know i sound like a scab but oh well i really want kiki the kat plushie and momo the monkey..... isn't that funny that monkey has the same name as that chick off peach girl. i want to also tell you that im not good at saving money so yeah the most that i have saved to is at least 50k and i have not got any further, if you have any suggestions about gaining gold please tell me, but 1 way cant be saving it i have been on gaia for a bit now but i still want heaps of things will you donate?<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    donations <br />
    ll Everlasting Rain ll
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