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  • Artist Info: I am the Original JadedMyst.. <br />
    every game I play that is my name. <br />
    I am 45... a mother of two young adults. <br />
    I have a few adopted family members <br />
    as well. The very first one is Phynix. <br />
    She is a special member of my family. <br />
    A sister to my daughter and a good friend to me. <br />
    Danielle is another .. she is my Son's wife <br />
    and just the sweetest lil person one could ever meet. It goes without saying too though <br />
    that any children of Phynix are family of mine as well. <br />
    I am a good mother. At least I am told so.....<br />
    although it is normal to doubt one's abilities. <br />
    I also am a writer of Poetry and short stories. <br />
    I am told I am talented.... <br />
    well I let the public make their own judgement.<br />
    <br />
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    What type of Fae are you?<br />
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