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  • Artist Info: Hello. Th' name is Gyzvx im an artist, thinker, and story teller.<br />
    I like myself my friends and I'll warm up to people who don't show too much ignorance or stupidity. Now I don't mean to sound like a jerk. Infact im really very nice once you get to know me, but i've had a few too many run ins with stupid people on these types of places. I would like to avoid that here. Oh...what else i like... Old school Sci-fi movies (they make me laugh), Chocolate, the new Elder scrolls game: Oblivion, Pok'e mon (i know, i know. get it out of your system ok...finished?), Magi nation Duel, Physics, Regge music, classical music, hip hop, rap, r&b.......you know what? I havnt found a music I didnt like (just artists) I like good food, good people, and open minds.<br />
    Im a caring person, a good listener, a bad speller (never got the disapline to care), a good conversationalist, I'm a slob in my own room (ITS MY SPACE LET CAOS REIGN IF I LET IT. THE SPACE IS MINE!!), I get sick around the smell of plain popcorn but i love white cheddar and caramel popcorn, I Think the god father series was boring, I Like nite better than day and I usually start my day at sunset (and no im not moody or angsty or a vampire im just nocturnal) Ok enough sharing.
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