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  • Artist Info: My Username used to be DreadfulBoy,<br />
    I spent a lot of my time fishing or on forums while I used this site. I still visit this site from time to time.<br />
    <br />
    Hi,<br />
    my name is Chris.<br />
    I'm a simple person.<br />
    I love music.<br />
    I love my friends.<br />
    I love my family, although they annoy me sometimes, but its my family and I love them.<br />
    I get entertained easily.<br />
    Anything new to me fascinates me.<br />
    I dislike most people,<br />
    or I just say that because I fear rejection.<br />
    I don't know..<br />
    I wished the world was entirely different.<br />
    Life can be the most wonderful thing.<br />
    Want to share it with me?<br />
    I believe there is something good in all of us,but not always does it come out.<br />
    I'm not the most social person.<br />
    My friends would greatly agree to that.<br />
    Don't ask me why am I so quiet...I have no clue.<br />
    I wished I wasn't.<br />
    I waste way too much time.<br />
    I enjoy writing all kinds of random things that may not make any sense,<br />
    usually keep it to myself,<br />
    it may freak other people out.<br />
    I just find it very entertaining.<br />
    Laughter is peace.<br />
    I wished I could write amazing, but can't...<br />
    ....yet.<br />
    I wished I was more intelligent, but I'm not stupid.<br />
    At least I like to think so.<br />
    I want to write my name somewhere no one has ever been...<br />
    I want to learn how to swim....since the ocean fascinates me...the stuff deep below!<br />
    And I will bored you to death.<br />
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