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  • Artist Info: About me..Hmm...<br />
    <br />
    *I don’t like myself…<br />
    *I self-inflict...<br />
    *I am always perceived as silent, strict, and serious (the 3 S’s) but I think I'm not.<br />
    *I'm 5'9, and people bug me into playing basketball but I don't know how, and I'm tired of trying and failing...<br />
    *I love chocolates in any form...I eat it because it tastes good, not because it has chemicals that make a person happy. I never got happier anyway...I also love fruits but I hate vegetables. Nevertheless, I still swallow them.<br />
    *People find it weird, but I don’t eat ice cream if it’s not melted.<br />
    *I love music—listening to it, making it, teaching it…It makes me forget my problems for a while.<br />
    *I love My Chemical Romance and the Pussycat Dolls equally…woot!<br />
    *I love performing onstage. I become a very different person when I do that. They say I’m totally raunchy and dirty when I dance and sing, and I guess that’s what makes me different.<br />
    *I could do a standing split.<br />
    *I love animals and stand up for their rights, but I don’t like keeping pets coz I get too busy and I forget to take care of them.<br />
    *I am a good friend if you meet my qualifications…lol.<br />
    *I cry a lot, but very few people have seen me doing it.<br />
    *I am VERY hard to please, but I am VERY considerate coz I easily get guilty.<br />
    *I am empathetic.<br />
    *I easily get discouraged.<br />
    *I’m scared of being introduced to new people in person…I freak out inside and get tongue tied! I love meeting new people thru mail though...hehe.<br />
    *I'm sick and tired of schooling but I still do my best coz my parents are working hard for me...<br />
    *I hate emo posers. They look at emo as a fashion statement, but for me it is a destiny that can't be escaped. It is a way of life...It is a deathwish.<br />
    *I’m God fearing and faithful, but not so religious…I believe there is no perfect religion, but there is a perfect faith…<br />
    *I wanna meet a girl that could make me fall in love with her and will love me back forever and ever.<br />
    <br />
    this is me:<br />
    <br />
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