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  • Artist Info: Well I'm obsessed with anything Asian or the arts. My current obsession is with steampunk. I'm a pretty hardcore otaku and like series that are mentally challenging; have nice art and flow. But I don't just like anime and manga. I also like to read, write, dance,draw and play music. I play the flute and am learning piano and guitar. I used to play the violin but quit. <br />
    I love to make friends from around the world and learn about them. I'm also a sucker when it comes to sappy stories. I have serveral books that i have random poetry and writing in and I just realized that most of my sentences start with "I".<br />
    Hmm music wise i listen to pretty much anything in japanese from classical japanese flute to jpop. Right now I'm very much into classical music. I love all bands too. In fact i like all music except rap. (Retards Attempting Poetry)<br />
    Well that's pretty much it. Except well I am one of those wierd people who believe in magic and the supernatural. Ask if you want to find out or stay clear of me if you think it's stupid because I prefer the understanding types razz jk i like all people. I don't think i've ever hated anyone. So that pretty much wraps it up.
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