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  • Artist Info: I'm 21.<br />
    I have been going to college for about 4 years now.<br />
    I have learned a lot going to school. If I correct you, it's not to be a douche. <br />
    I'm a bisexual, liberal, and nonreligious b*tch<br />
    I am vulgar, perverted, dark, cynical, and have a colorful vocabulary<br />
    I play the flute, piccolo, guitar, and I'm really bad at the trumpet.<br />
    I sang in the choir as an alto and soprano.<br />
    I was on the Varsity cross country team.<br />
    I love music ranging from classical to screamo.<br />
    I am an animal lover.<br />
    My favorite color is purple.<br />
    I am a complete band geek.<br />
    I am a bookworm.<br />
    I like anime, but I don't have time to be obsessed with it.<br />
    I am a Virgo.<br />
    I can do tarot readings, but I don't believe in that mumbo jumbo. I just think it's fun.<br />
    I love to role-play. I only do advance literate role-plays.<br />
    Last, but not least, zombies are sexy and you can't convince me otherwise.<br />
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