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    Why Hello There!<br />
    I'm Ash aaaaand wanna be Buddies? Amigo/Amiga? Tomodachi? Chingu?<br />
    HECKS YEA! I WANT TO!(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))<br />
    Now, let's start to stuff about meh!<br />
    I am full south Korean and loving every single molecule of it!(Does that make sense?......hmmmmm)<br />
    I am currently in high school! WOOHOO!!!<br />
    I love all things Anime and Final Fantasy!<br />
    Music?! Anything with a guitar! Also I love the fack out of dub step!<br />
    Anything with a beat, a dub, and a step I lurve!!!<br />
    : D <br />
    Also I love the absolute fack out of Borderlands 2, gears of war, and call of duty<br />
    I also love going to concerts like warped tour and Moshing &gt;:3 cuz Moshing is just that fun<br />
    And we shuld be buddayz cuz, if you were a pokémon, I'd choose you!<br />
    P.s. ......I lovez u!<br />
    &lt;3 ~Ash<br />
    yum_puddi <br />
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