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  • Artist Info: gaia_angelright okay.. lets do this shit! &gt;:3 <br />
    hi there, im jojo. (jojolloyd512, duh o w o) I guess you could say im a little shy when you meet me, but when you get to know me more, im much different! (I promise im not gonna be boring you outta your mind ;A; ... well, I hope razz )<br />
    okay lets talk a little about my past (im not saying much for strangers) well, my father passed away when I was very young, he was very, very, nice to me. not to mention he was my best friend. I guess after that my shy personality started to show and I became much less sociable. I didn't talk as much and I was in a small group of kids. as I grew older I realised most of them weren't even my friends. when this started to happen I got into the internet. back then it wasn't as bad, no trollers walkin around making people feel like shit. but guys, lets be honest, I started out on a diferent site. in this old site I found I met some very very good friends I will never forget, and we all left to gaia together. so here they are: Jackie (jackolen1), my gaia sister/ one of my best friends on gaia. shes very..uhh.. exciting! and she has a wonderful gaia boyfriend 'neko' ( -NEKOvNEKO- ) and lets just say, you try to steal neko away from Jackie.. I WILL END YOU BITCH!! - ahem, anyway. if I had to give any advice for confronting Jackie that would be.. hmm.. "DONT PISS HER OFF ENLESS YOU WANNA DIE YOUNG!!" wahmbulance *cough cough* anyway, lets move on, shall we? next I have snowie :3 ( thatpersonyoulove08 ) shes a very happy, happy girl and is also my gaia sister! :3 (I believe so since shes gaia related to my gaia brother e . o) shes a very nice person to talk to and will hear you out. :3 ok, moving on. nest is jake. (cantbetrustedCAA) uhm.. he dosent come on anymore.. reasons we don't actually want to talk about. he was silly, and funny. and no matter what hes still my gaia brother, YOU CANT CHANGE THAT! &gt;:c okay soo.. we have *looks at list* (lol just kidding) Alyssa! biggrin shes funny and hyper, at times. I really like to talk to her and she is my gaia boyfriends bunny.. (a little awkward maybe? nah. im okay with that kinda shit &gt;:3 ) finally (out of my first online friends) is dogs. (dogsrcool2 ) she dosent come on much, but when she does, we can easily have a talk. okay soo.. now we have curtchan! my bf ! &gt;///&lt; hes very very funny, and considerate. we both like anime, we get along easily. I really like when I get to surprise him. his reaction is adoreable, hot, sexy.. uhh @//-//@ funny! &gt; w &lt; he know how to treat me like a princess too &gt;///&lt; and one last thing.. you try to steal him from me lets just say.. your going to get beat by a baseball bat.. with spikes in it &gt;:3 just kidding.. but I don't think my friends are when it comes to that xD okay soo.. this is basically me, you can judge all you want but, this is just my life and im living it happily! :3 <br />
    ~ gaia_angelleft sakura/jojo. gaia_angelright <br />
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