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  • Artist Info: Hi i am ashy or the cRaZy_CuTeNeSs_OxO. <br />
    <br />
    I was born oct 19th 1995. <br />
    i love stuffed animals yum_puddi <br />
    i am in love with pandas and ball jointed dolls cat_blaugh <br />
    i adore anime such as Black butler, full metal alchemist, fruits basket and so many more. cat_4laugh <br />
    i love to draw,read,write and be as awkward as possible. cat_redface <br />
    <br />
    and i am brutally honest i will tell u the truth even if it hurts ur feelings because i feel u need to know the truth rather than a lie. i am a huge!!! bitch! lol and its because so many took advantage of me or were crude pricks so i became stronger and more of a hardened person. so sue me. dont like it get off my fuckin page. cat_stare <br />
    i am horrified of fire. cat_lol <br />
    my fav foods consist of hamburgers,subway sandwhichs, cupcakes that taste like coconut or lemon and pizza with the crust lightly covered with garlic butter. But instead i eat frozen grapes,ssalads,hard boiled eggs, samiches, dark chocolate,frozen mango, chicken burgers, sugar free stuff and more salads. lol. cat_4laugh <br />
    i want to be a fashion photographer someday or a makeup/hair stylist. <br />
    i am engaged to the most adorkable, funny, silly little man ever. heart heart heart heart heart <br />
    i am bisexual so dont hate! i loves meh them flirty girls C; scream <br />
    and i am the craziest, dorkiest, cutest bitch alive and i will not be told otherwise. lol. <br />
    hugs and kisses to all!!! ~cRaZy~ 4laugh heart
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