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    Hi there. 8›<br />
    I don't know what to write on here so if you want to get to know me, just talk to me. <br />
    Well, actually another reason is that I'm just too lazy to put stuff down on here. Okay, so peace. (-.-)Y<br />
    .<br />
    .<br />
    .<br />
    Uhh, you're still there. Why are you still reading this...?<br />
    .<br />
    .<br />
    .<br />
    ... Fine. I suppose I could provide some type of basic information...:<br />
    1. Asian (Hmong) ; and I know you don't know what that is, so go search it up! <br />
    2. LOVE Food yum_puddi heart (Not a picky eater.)<br />
    3. Favorite color is GREEN <br />
    4. Shy / Not the type to talk to you first / Sorta-ish socially awkward <br />
    5. Love to doodle. (To the left is one that I did more recently of a self portrait of myself and to the right is another that I did a few months ago.)<br />
    7. Favorite number right therrr'<br />
    And most of the time I am on zOMG (DMS) so that would be the best place to find me. <br />
    So maybe I'll see you there then... or not. ;/<br />
    And if you didn't notice, I skipped number 6 so maybe when I'm not feeling lazy I'll fill that one in.<br />
    Okay, well, bye. (o.o)/
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