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  • Artist Info: My first element quiz results User Image<br />
    You are Water. You are a very relaxing person, and people like to be around you. You like to have fun, but sometimes you can't figure out what's going on around you.<br />
    <br />
    I like to read a webcomic site called Katbox and if you curiosity gets the best of you here is a link to the site www.katbox.net <br />
    <br />
    and here is a list of the comics from there I like to read<br />
    (+) = Bonus comic found on Las Lindas<br />
    (*) = mature content<br />
    *Las Lindas<br />
    *Caribbean Blue<br />
    iMew<br />
    *Anthronauts<br />
    DMFA<br />
    +The Crest Diaries<br />
    +Building an Empire<br />
    +Knighthood<br />
    *+Dungeons and Dames<br />
    *+Learning Curves<br />
    Peaches and Cream
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