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    " I'm the type of pony, every pony, every pony should know. "<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i'm pasteI chaIk. <br />
    im old enough<br />
    been on gaia since 2OO7. <br />
    i'm very social and very open to friendly people. <br />
    i make signs, art, and tekteks. c: <br />
    my little pony: friendship is magic is the best kids' show ever.<br />
    pinkie is best pony. <br />
    i lovelovelove video games. <br />
    xbox games, n64 games, computer games, wii games.<br />
    don't even get me started about ponies and video games.<br />
    i will never shut up.<br />
    okay. <br />
    bye - bye ! <br />
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