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    MY AVI SHOP LINK<br />
    http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-shops-and-requests/sachiko-s-shop-dela-aviart/t.58922631/<br />
    Welcome to Sachi's page (: Sachi = mee! XD <br />
    I'm 15. I like colors. I play guitar. My favorite colors are green and blue. My favorite element is water. I enjoy food. I prefer cheesepie. I recently forced myself into liking yogurt. I dislike drama and hypocrits. I enjoy music. My iPod is my best friend. Just kidding, i have real best friends, and i love them all. My friends be the bomb diggity! I enjoy texting greatly. I am a nerd in school, and get straight A's. My favorite subject is math. Polka dots make me happy. I believe that circles are the coolest shape. I think that cows make cool sounds. I LOVE green tea, cuz its nummmy! I rp in the Warriors guild, and sadly, thats basically the only guild. I &lt;3 my man jesus. Chocolate is delicious. I am a former gymnast. Hoodies are my best friend too. I like to draw. I am tired 90% of the time. 9% of the time I am hyper. The other one percent is when im pissy. I suggest for you to stay away. I want to be at Busch Gardens right now. . . So yea, thats meee!
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