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    <br />
    Playing Gaia again after 4 years or so...<br />
    I'm a college student studying Japanese (as well as a hobbyist translator).<br />
    My biggest interest currently is stage shows from the Takarazuka Revue.<br />
    I also like Marvel comics and films (DC too!) as well as a lot of different manga genres, Kamen Rider/Super Sentai shows, and Kpop (mostly Shinee and BAP although I'm trying to branch out!). <br />
    I love Shakespeare! There are still a lot of the plays I haven't read but I'm working on it... Julius Caesar is my favorite, followed by Twelfth Night. I like Romeo and Juliet a lot but mostly the French musical adaptation.<br />
    My main pastime on Gaia is putting together cosplays for my avatar...and then trying to earn gold so I can buy more items to make more cosplays...at least when you don't play for years some of the old stuff rockets up in value!
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