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  • Artist Info: In the shadows I do creep, like the vixen in the mist.<br />
    Darkness dwells within my heart, and I shall watch as the world falls.<br />
    Devils and demons duel to the death.<br />
    While the angel's sit on high....<br />
    Here is where I have come to view...the world's alibi...<br />
    Now as the end has began, I sit and stare and watch them play their hand...<br />
    this life is nothing but a game of chance...<br />
    Living and dying is what we do, so my friend, what choice is it...<br />
    Them.....or You..?<br />
    <br />
    I am the child of the lost warrior, <br />
    the mourning lover,<br />
    the one of whom has lost the soul to breath,<br />
    I have no continuing mentors,<br />
    so my lovies,<br />
    someone cut out this broken heart, <br />
    so maybe I can bleed...<br />
    let the crimson life pour free of my veins...<br />
    Just as the world...is free to the mortal hands.
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