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    My name Is Allilu freya Teus.<br />
    I am 24 years young.<br />
    I think im somewhere around 5' 8" tall. <br />
    I have three younger brothers! they drive me crazy! in a good kinda way! ... most times... ^-^<br />
    I have gray blue eyes. I love them. and they are the feature i like most about my face.<br />
    I have chestnut brown hair with natural gold undertones. <br />
    I wear glasses for fun sometimes! I love dressing up!<br />
    I am right hand dominate and left hand retarded. <br />
    I only have ear piercings, however, ive always wanted to get the middle on my bottom lip pierced.<br />
    I swear allllll the time. I expect you to treat me like a lady, but imma swear like a sailor! <br />
    For the most part my parents and I get along great. <br />
    I am 50% Irish from my father and 25% or more German from my mother with a European mutt mix on the side. <br />
    I am afraid of aliens, deer, heights, scary clowns, dummies, super natural happenings, and the dark. don't pick on me.<br />
    I go to bed when ever i feel like it! i am an adult! party all night! unless i have to work the next morning... then its like, 11:30.<br />
    I hate mornings. and i stay in bed as late as i can get away with. fuck blue morning. im not to fond of the orange part of the morning either. and the birds! imma start lacing the bird feeder..<br />
    I hate vanilla everything. chocolate all the way. <br />
    i will eat all the oreos. you can not hide them from me. I can smell them.<br />
    i fuckin love sushi! I like yellow tail and snapping turtle the best! yum yum yumyum! <br />
    I harbor a lot of stage fright. but i still do it as long as im not alone. <br />
    inspiring videos make me sob. <br />
    I have a weakness for french frys. <br />
    walmart. I work there. I am a cake decorator. ^^<br />
    I know a lot of people think earth sucks. but earth doesn't suck, people suck. earth is amazing. I like earth.<br />
    fall is my favorite season! leaves! food! snuggles! hot coco! Halloween! leaves!<br />
    My favorite years of life so far are 12, 17, and 19. they were awesome. and 24 isnt turning out too bad either.<br />
    I have an undying love for Buffy the vampire slayer. I can almost quote all seven season word for word. shits goood! <br />
    I have a new found love for socks. I will buy all the socks. <br />
    I have to make eye contact with people when i look at them. I cant not do it. <br />
    I would like to die in my sleep. and then I want to be cremated and have a pond made for me with a small tree in the middle. my ashes will be sprinkled here, and i will become a part of it and nurture it.<br />
    I wish to visit Ireland very badly. and Slovainia! <br />
    When I become an actual adult, I want to see the world, change it and change lives all for the better. I want to help everything. I wish i could fix it all.<br />
    I honestly do not think that I am a very attractive person. I look at myself and I see something equal to a whale mixed with quasimodo. and I am not always the nicest person.<br />
    for the most part, I know who I am, and I know who i want to be. and I try my best to stay on that path. <br />
    Ive dated men ranging from half my size to 3 times my size. weight means nothing. its just a number.
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